There's nothing better than a swell introduction, and since this marks the first entry of "This Is Gospel", an introduction is what you shall receive.

Here I am. My name is Emma Fincher. I'm eighteen, but I still feel like a kid (what with the Adventure Time DVD collection and a Gaia account). My hair is ebony and my eyes are grey. I live in the subtle town of Dallas, North Carolina. I just graduated high school last spring, and will be attending Gaston College within the next two days (good grief). I'm in a happy, seven-month long relationship with my boyfriend, Josh. Coffee is something I couldn't possibly function without. I love Freaks and Geeks, my favorite band is Pierce The Veil, and I like tattoos, Nikon's, and tacos. I hope that brief overview filled you in on who I am. It's my dad's birthday, so my family and I are about to celebrate.. probably at Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant in Gastonia. If anything interesting happens, I'll be sure to document it later.

Fair Winds! cat_3nodding