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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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How many years had to been since Jamie had last seen her old friend? Many, since the beginning of their journeys, if she recalled correctly. He had wanted to be a trainer and she had wanted to be a ranger. While Jamie saw nothing wrong with training pokemon and wishing to be a pokemon master, she instead chose a path that was filled with what she considered "more adventure". This way, she could save pokemon from harm's way, whether they be from a trainer, Team Rocket, or even from themselves. Although, her opinion had changed a lot from when she was ten years old. In the eight years she had been a ranger, she learned that the pokemon were the most important aspect and not her ego. Failure was not an option. Lives were at stake.

In the past, Jamie had been so much more boisterous and it had seemed likely that she would drop being a ranger and become a trainer. Her ambition had been something that would have been good for an aspiring pokemon master, but everything had changed when she finally got to the academy. Jamie realized that everyone out there didn't have the best intentions toward pokemon. Some viewed them as creatures with no feelings, others viewed them as tools. Once she saw the injustice, she decided that she had to adapt to situation and try and become one of the best rangers there was in Kanto.

Her ambition and hard work had paid off and while she was a higher ranking ranger with the status of Captain, which was four ranks below the General or Commander of the Kanto region. Her superiors trusted her to be more of a field officer, being out and about, tending to what needed to be done. She could call in other rangers when needed and order them about, but her primary quest was to pa-rouse Kanto and keep an eye out for danger. She also had to keep a strict recording of her findings, what problems she came into, and report to the base on a twice a week basis. At first, she had found it tedious and annoying, but by now she understood the importance of records and how it helped to predict future endeavors.

But her job wasn't on her mind now, even though she was in the city that the HQ was in. She had come back in for a meeting with the other top rangers, including the Lieutenant, Colonel, Commander, and the only top rank beneath her: the Major, who had a great disliking for her, when Jamie hadn't done much more than what she was supposed to. The meeting had been nothing more than suspicions toward Team Rocket's next moves and that it was wise to be wary and keep an eye out. Jamie had already had several run ins with them in the past five years. They were certainly plotting to get up to no good, but hadn't quite made a large move yet.

But today was different. Jamie was outside her favorite coffee parlor, sitting at one of the outside tables. Her partner, Arcanine, wouldn't quite fit inside and she didn't want to make the other people uncomfortable. Plus, he was shedding and she knew people wouldn't appreciate his cream colored fur in their drinks. So Jamie relaxed outside, at a table alone, Arcanine lying beside it. She had a hot cappuccino, taking delicate sips so that she would not scald her tongue. She was waiting for Lucas, her old friend. She wondered how much he had changed over the years. She had certainly gotten much taller, tall for a woman at 5'10". She wasn't a stick either. Jamie's frame was well toned from her years of being a hardcore field ranger. Her athletic frame put her in the weight frame of at least 160lbs. Her wild hair had been cut and messily braided, but her grin hadn't changed.

Jamie glanced at her ranger distributed watch. "He's late, Buddy," she clicked to her partner, shaking her head.

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