A Zelda, Majora's Mask drabble for Feral-Ice-Magician
Paring: Kafei x (older) Link
Words: Fox, Red, Time and Freedom

It was the third day.

Though it wasn't the first time he'd gone through the last day of the world's existence Link's heart still took on the stuttering beat, each tremor rattling his teeth together and the looming, leering face of the moon watching his progression making the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

None of that mattered; he needed to reach the meeting spot and help the man get his life back together - for as long as the day lasted, at any rate.

The sun had painted the sky a bloody red by the time Link arrived, a small figure in a yellow mask with fox's eyes crouched in wait. The time came and Kafei took off, Link on his heels shortly behind him.

The thief was more clever than they expected - the mask, precious to the man-turned-boy, was sent off and the pair had to race on opposite sides of the conveyor belt, Link's mind and sword cutting through each obstacle with a swift urgency. There were only seconds to spare when they reached the end Link watched in bemusement as Kafei took his prize and dashed away, following shortly after and fighting back the guilt that gnawed at his belly. What he was doing was necessary to better the world. He couldn't let the fact that he would have to turn back time, undo the progress made over the last three days and send the purple-haired male back into a world of despair and anguish.


Years later, when Link was tall and hands covered in callouses from sword fighting and gripping Epona's reigns, he returned to the town.

It was both heart-achingly familiar and very different; there were more shops, for one, the market square seemingly packed with new faces. The hotel had grown several stories and was richly decorated. There were also more homes, not far from the market, each with its own yard and picket fence.

A small form with wild, purple hair and a billowing shirt darted from one such house, starling Link into staring. It wasn't him - of course it wasn't. The child was a girl, her hair thicker and darker than that of Kafei's, chasing a small dog barking excitedly in the front yard. Movement at the door caught Link's attention and there, in the doorway, stood someone who Link had yet to see in his true form, standing with his arms crossed and a shoulder leaning against the door frame and a soft, fond smile on his lips as he watched the girl at play.


"I hoped you would come back." Kafei wasn't looking at him, gaze still fixed on what had to be his daughter. "What kept you away for so long?"

Link opened his mouth, closed it, licked his lips. What could he say? That he was afraid that he hadn't actually fixed things when he helped Kafei? That he knew the other was getting married and going to be happy no matter what, so why linger?

That he was afraid he wouldn't want to ever leave?

Kafei turned to look at him, straightening in the doorway and raising a hand to beckon to Link. "Come in. I'll put on some tea." Without waiting the purple-haired male went inside, leaving the door open behind him.

Link stood, swaying on the spot, heart thudding in the same way it had on that third day so many years ago. He didn't know what awaited him beyond that darkened doorway, the unknown both unnerving and enticing.


"Eee Link! Stop it!"

The girl was on her back in the grass, laughing as the small dog attacked her face with wet kisses. Link felt his own shoulders relax and started forward, heading into the house. Be it a casual sit-down between friends or a future he hadn't dared to imagine Link had years of open fields and freedom. A day or two in one place was a welcome vacation.