A Jareth/Sarah drabble request from Onkel Pepi

Sometimes, Sarah felt as if someone was watching her.

She would be sitting out in the field near her home, nose buried in her favorite book when her skin would prickle, goosebumps dancing along the surface. It was ridiculous, of course; they didn't have any neighbors for ages and the field was mostly open, save for the line of trees way off. Even so she couldn't shake that creeping, distant feeling of eyes on her.

Sometimes, Sarah thought she heard someone calling to her.

It didn't happen often and it was always when she was distracted, be it by a vexing school problem or Toby's crying or looking for Sir Lancelot. When she was most frustrated or close to tears she would swear that she's heard her name, like a sigh of the wind. Every time she turned back to focus on what she had been doing before the problem would have resolved itself, Toby settling or her seeing Sir Lancelot's leg protruding from under her bed or the problem coming to her in a sudden epiphany.

Sometimes, Sarah thought there was someone with her.

On her favorite patch of grass, sitting on the porch swing and even in her bed just as she would start to doze, a shadow would appear. Not quite a shadow - it would seem bright, even under the afternoon sun. While such a thing might have alarmed other girls Sarah felt no fear as the shadow moved closer to her side, bringing warmth and wonder with it. Whatever it was would protect her, she knew. It wanted to keep her safe.

In the mornings when she woke, or on the porch or even on her favorite patch of grass, Sarah couldn't ever recall such a thing. She rose to the feeling of warmth, pleasure and a curious, exciting tingling at her cheek and lips.