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All things seen and unseen
Appearance: User Image
Name: Skarsson Rathlanter
Aliases: The North Lander, Dragon of the North, The Beast Bane.
Age: Thrity-six
Gender: Male
Birthdate: January 16th
Ethnicity: Norse/Caucasian.

Motto: "Stand and die like a man, pup."
Behavior: Skarsson is often foretold as a man who thinks little of talk, and behaves as he pleases, or in ways that please his gods. Calloused by nature, Knuter prefers to bash, hack, stab, or brawl his point across before being remotely civil and talking. He does not take lightly to insult against his gods or people, and is easily agitated.
Personality: Knuter has personality problems, as he is about as bland as it can be. He hardly ever shows happiness, and is often in a mood to kill. His voice denotes his distaste for others, and he only respects those of good skill, which he believes has to meet his standards. On occasion, he has been known to honor somebody with a smile, but they must prove themselves to him.

Rank: Leader of a Human warband, was once mistaken as a 'Beta' by a Northern Werewolf Clan for his ferocity.
Race: Human, often joked to be part frost giant due to his height.

________________________________________|B|attle |I|nformation

Weapon: The Spear of Fangnir, The God of Bloodshed and War.
Weapon Range: About 9 feet, in Knuter's hands.
Weapon Ability: Can pierce the strongest materials imaginable, and can occasionally infect wounds with horrid blood infections.

Ability: Thirst of the Dark Gods
Ability Description: A boon and a bane, both helpful, and detrimental to Skarsson . When Skarsson goes into the "Thirst" he goes into a pleasure filling, lust fueled rampage. His senses and speed are heightened, but they do not nullify pain, discomfort and the like, instead, those two are amplified as well. A stone under foot, which usually causes discomfort, would feel as if the foot had been cleaved from the body. However, pain and other feelings, no matter the kind, allowing Skarsson to inflict more damage on his enemies.

● Monster Hunting
● Fighting with his bare hands
● Survival tactics

● Reckless in combat
● Headstrong
● Enjoys Feasting

Traits: {Speed, Strength, Senses, etc}
● Inhuman strength
● A firm grip
● Can inspire fear in many things.

________________________________________|C|haracter |I|nformation

Height: Seven feet, three inches.
Weight: About 220lbs
Body Build: A majority of his weight his muscle, but the rest is fat. So, a muscled, but well fed body.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Golden
Family: Previously, a father, mother, and brother. By now, a dozen or so children from his...ahem, ladyfriends.
Theme song: Into the Moonlight - Dream Evil
Other: While the spear is his prefered weapon, Skarsson will use any weapon he pleases.
Bio: Skarsson was born in the Northlands, where the people are frigid like the climate, and are hardy. Their life is to wage war with other clans, and to carry on their lineage. Skarsson and his clan were no exception, they killed, plundered, and took slaves. As he came of age, Skarsson undertook the blooding challenge, hunt a Fimbul Brood Wolf. One would think hunting a wolf is easy enough, but a Fimbul wolf is far from your average wolf. A Fimbul stands at a man's shoulder, and has the bite powerful enough to shatter the strongest of shields. Skarsson's clan demanded that their warriors could kill one, and if they couldn't, they did not belong. As his clan requested, Skarsson did as he was told, and he hunted down a Fimbul. However, Skarsson, instead of finding one, found an entire pack of the wolves. If Skarsson was an average member of his clan, his death would have been quick, but as Skarsson stood a good head above his fellows, and possessed a rather ruthless outlook, he stood up to the wolves. After thirty minutes of battle, four of the five pack members had died, but Skarsson was heavily injured, and his spear was broken. Knowing his end would come if he didn't act, Skarsson jumped at the Fimbul and after a short struggle, killed the beast by ripping its throat out. With his life nearly over, Skarsson did what anyone would do, he began to pull the dead wolves back to his clan's village. Proving himself as a warrior, Skarsson was initiated, and became a shield bearer in the warrior caste.

As he aged, Skarsson found himself yearning adventure, and as the Thane of his clan, Skarsson was permitted to hunt what he pleased. This included Yniganel, a sea snake that had been raiding shipping along the Vinlat fjord, and Kilnjid, the lord of the Frost Giants. Finally, in the company of his jarl, Skarsson was to kill Nihkjad, the Ice Dragon. Among the company was a vampire, one from the south, which was there to help hunt the dragon. When the company engaged the dragon finally, Skarsson watched as the vampire turned on the Jarl, stabbing the man through the back, before fleeing. Taking the Jarl's spear, the remaining companies fled, but Skarsson stood fast, and eventually killed Nihkjad, taking the dragon's head as a trophy. Skarsson was to return home to a smoldering ruin, and vowed vengeance for his clan. In his travels to the south, Skarsson was swayed by the dark gods, who wanted a warrior to champion them, and Skarsson did such, on the condition that best their previous champion is honorable combat. Rak'xa, a bull minotaur was his opponent, and with anger, Skarsson did battle, quickly defeating the minotaur. It ended with Skarsson tearing the bull-man apart, and offering the pieces to the dark gods. The gods gave him his powers, and offered him the spear of the Blood God to strike down his foes with. With the spear, Skarsson continued southward, eventually offering his services to the Werewolf kingdom in exchange for killing Vampires.

Kunder of the Lich
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