Giovanni Stradivari
A past may chase you if you try to escape from it, but once you confront it, it's just an old memory inside you. There's nothing to be afraid of.

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        Full Name: Giovanni ‘Schtauffen’ Stradivari
        Aliases / Nickname: Blood Talon is the name that the Schtauffen have given Giovanni as a member Schwarzwind he may be young, he’s still considered a ranking member and because of that lots of members from Schwarzwind believe the only reason why he made rank is because Siegfried who is the leader is his father. Blood Talon is the thirteenth strongest member of the organization. Although the nickname was given to Giovanni before he was forced into joining Schwarzwind. He was given this nickname due to his method in using his Heilig Pfeil.

        Giovanni has many nicknames, the first one that comes to mind is Little Master when he is addressed by his family maid, mainly his personal hand maids. Junior (Jr.) is a nickname that only his grandfather Antonio Stradivari III calls him, Giovanni actually likes this nickname for some odd reason. He is often called Gio or Vanni by his classmates or close friends. Mr. Stradivari is what Giovanni is called when he is performing on stage for school in classical concerts or by his teachers in general during class. Then Giovanni has the nicknames he received from a few older kids who thought they would try bullying him before realizing that calling him Cowboy, Tex, Texas, Eastwood, or Hollywood were all fitting names for his skills. Giovanni despises being called Shorty, Shrimp, or any other variation referring to his height due to the fact his older brother is the only one that has been allowed to get away with demeaning him by making fun of his height.

        Birthday: September 21
        Age: Fourteen [ 14 ]
        Ethnicity: German / Italian
        Gender: Male
        Sexual Orientation: There’s a chance he heterosexual, but that’s open to debate.
        Reiatsu Color: Blood Crimson
        Reiatsu Appearance: Those who look at Giovanni’s Reiatsu, they state that he appears to be consumed by it, as if it takes over his body completely. The crimson colored energy circles around him from the base of his feet and flares up as if he was being engulfed by blood colored flames which gather to his back and create wings before dissipating and starting the cycle over again. Red feathers tend to fall from the sky as the wings of crimson energy complete their cycle and start over again. After the flames circle the young Quincy for three cycles they extend outwards to engulf his range of power, covering everything in this flame, but instead of giving the feeling of burning or actually setting anything on fire, the flames are cold. They don’t cause any harm to the area they are extremely harmless to everything, they are more so used to intimidate opponents due to the range in which he can release his Reiatsu without harming anything or anyone.

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        Height: 162CM (5’ 4’’)
        Weight: 51KG (112 LBS)
        Blood Type: O
        Eye Color: Blue
        Hair Color: Amber Brown (Natural) Strawberry Red (Currently)
        Affiliation: Schwarzwind
        Position: Blood Talon, Lead Guitarist of FT Island
        Base of Operations: Stradivari Estate, Schwarzwind HQ
        Occupation: First Year High School Student of Karakura High School; Lead Guitarist of FT Island
        Education: High School Student Level
        Appearance: Giovanni has the physical appearance of any ordinary young teenage boy standing at 5’4’’ (approx. 162cm) and weighing in at 112lbs (approx. 51kg). He has striking sky blue eyes and short messy strawberry red hair, even though he was born with amber brown hair, Giovanni had his hair colored in the seventh grade after a group of friends along with himself started a rock band together called FT Island. On his left ear he wears a single earring which never changes in style or design but the color of the gem changes depending on the outfit. The earring itself isn’t anything but what’s stored inside of it is of importance. Its Giovanni’s last resort Ginto, just in case he runs out of the specially created bullets, his grandmother had created for him in order to give him a reason to take up the Quincy name and craft.

        Aside from his school uniform he wears every day during classes, when he is permitted to wear clothing of his own free will Giovanni t tends to wear clothes that look like something out of the old west. A light brown and emerald green leather vest with a buckle at his collar, half zipped with a netted undershirt. The back of the leather vest has an emblem etched into it of a burning eagle referring to the nickname his family has given him Blood Talon. He tends to always wear tight blue jeans and leather chaps along the sides with crimson or orange designs around them. He also wears a brown leather belt with a large buckle, dark brown leather boots with a metal toe cap. Hidden within the boots is his Seele Schneider which Giovanni uses as a hidden boot knife from both the heel and toe of each boot, he keeps a single spare Seele Schneider hidden within the back of his leather belt. Giovanni loves to accessories these outfits with dual pair of dark brown or amber red gun holsters that may either be at his sides the way old west cowboys use to wear them or he wears them the way the military police does around the chest. Along the holster circling it are his specially created Ginto bullets and a large silver cross keychain that is attached to the back of his belt loop and the holster. This is his Quincy Cross, which he wears as if it was another part of his ensemble. To top things off he always tends to wear a long leather coat either red or jet black in color with two wings crafted into the fabric also hinting towards his nickname. At times when Giovanni is feeling like going ‘wild’ as he calls it he will wear black fingerless gloves with the words ‘punishment’ and ‘pain’ written in German on the back hand of each glove. Giovanni hates the traditional colors of the Quincy being white or silver, so he avoids having to wear the colors as much as he possible can; he dislikes the traditionalism so much he’ll lock himself into his room and threaten to shoot anyone that tries to come in unless they are allowing him to wear something modern. Another thing Giovanni always has on him is some form of eyewear, either sunglasses of motorcycle goggles, he tends to sport orange tented lenses and if not tented they are just normal glass or a black lens.

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        Archery / Marksmanship:
      • For someone so young, Giovanni is more than skilled within the field of Archery. During his first few years of middle school he was a member of the Archery team and even became the captain before quitting due to his father’s words of warning on his own life. Giovanni hasn’t picked up a bow since, but in truth his skills come in marksmanship. He’s been using guns since a very young age that even Giovanni can’t remember. He is said when he holds a firearm that he’s just as deadly as a master Quincy twice his age with a bow. Giovanni sharpens his skills daily by finding a reason to throw things at a single target or by playing darts in his room. During his last year in middle school Giovanni stated his accuracy was about eighty-nine percent and that he doubts he knows if he can achieve over that due to his personal distractions. The facts point towards his personal disliking for his Quincy lifestyle and disregard for his family’s beliefs. He thinks of himself as more an Italian human than a half German decent Quincy from one of the few powerful families remaining.

      • To be made simple, Giovanni is horrible when it comes to using a sword, at the most he can defend himself against basic punks with the use of a combat knife, but in terms of tactic or skill, swords are completely out of the question. Even his Seele Schneider aren’t the normal size, they are modified to be the size of a combat knife, in which he is skilled enough to protect himself. Giovanni looks at the use of Seele Schneider as a sword or having a sword spirit weapon as a contradiction to what the Quincy are supposed to be about. Whenever he sees his father fighting or his older brother he laughs and calls them Shinigami Wannabes because their spirit weapons are swords. Day in and Day out they train to hone their skills with a sword yet they are supposed to be ranged fighters. Giovanni doesn’t find himself to be any better seeing how he doesn’t use a traditional method in using the Seele Schneider as an arrow.

        Hand to Hand Combat:
      • Although Giovanni prefers to stick to ranged combat being a Quincy, he can defend himself rather well within Hand to Hand Combat. There have been rumors around his time in middle school that he sent one hundred thugs to the hospital just for picking on a waitress in the restaurant him and a few of his friends were eating at. Giovanni may not be a master but he finds himself to be an expert in terms of fighting on Human terms. Giovanni studied seven styles of martial arts since he was a child, and is still in the process of learning. His sister tends to be rather harsh in his training but from time to time he finds her allowing him to win, just to boost his self-confidence.

      • Being a musician and a Quincy has proven to take a toll on his physical abilities. Even though Giovanni has the flexibility and grace of his Quincy brethren he does lack the initial amount of stamina to continue fighting like most Quincy. In a way he’s physically weak, he tends to keep distances because of that. This weakness proves that Giovanni is aware of his height and weight compared to those he may have to face one day. His judgment in sacrificing physical strength is for speed, and intelligence. During gym class Giovanni tends to mock those who are more physically fit in terms of bodily strength and muscle mass, calling them ‘Muscle Heads’. In truth Giovanni is a little envious of their ability to obtain such muscle growth in such short amount of time, even though his Quincy training should have him looking the way some of the upperclassmen look.

      • Giovanni enjoys using Hirenkyaku, but he tends to use it during the last possible second. He doesn’t like to waste energy chasing down enemies unless it’s required of him. Giovanni plans to eventually be the fastest Hirenkyaku user in his family but until then, he’s happy with his skills in Hirenkyaku. In terms of strategy he’s based his skills on a game of tag and chess. He looks at opponents as if they are either obstacles that need to be avoided or targets that need to be shot from an impossible angle. So because of these thoughts Giovanni uses Hirenkyaku only to strike a killing blow or to dodge attacks he couldn’t normally dodge with his own physical speed.

      • Ginto spells are Giovanni’s favorite Quincy skill next to using his personal natural raw talent with firearms. Giovanni tends to practice using Ginto more than he does his marksmanship skills. The reason behind this is to develop new ways to use his Ginto in battle. Due to the method he’s chosen to fight with his spirit weapon in the form it takes, the Ginto Giovanni use and keep on him appear as bullets that can be loaded into his weapon and fired out as a high-speed spell giving targets less time to react due to the speed in which they are fired rather than being thrown like normal Quincy. With these skills in Ginto taking so much time and focus to develop, Giovanni walked away with another skill that increased his Intellectual skills as well; a photographic memory.

      • If anything, no one would call Giovanni an idiot. He’s a genius prodigy when it comes to music and that alone makes him a force to reckon with. Although when people think of intelligence they tend to only focus on what does test scores show. Giovanni tends to not be a genius when it comes to things like that because he finds it to be pretty boring to take exams; although he’s still rather smart, due to his photographic memory. Giovanni has this strange ability to remember anything that he sees and hears. This is why he’s so good at learning Ginto skills, reproducing music after hearing it, or seeing sheet music only once. This young prodigy may not be very keen on exams within school but he manages to stay within the top twenty of his class attempting to keep his parents happy while doing what he enjoys. If his grades would ever drop for any reasons he’s sure his father would take away his privileges to be a member in FT Island and perform concerts pass his curfew.

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        Selected Trait Name Here: WordsHere

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        Spirit Weapon Name: Erzengel (Archangel)
        Spirit Weapon Description: Erzengel is the form in which Giovanni’s Quincy Cross takes once it is infused with spiritual energy. Erzengel becomes spiritually modified Dual Colt Revolvers in which fires compressed shots of spiritual energy in the form of bullets instead of the usual Heilig Pfeil. Erzengel’s Heilig Pfeil is Giovanni’s primary means of attack, these bullets can be created by collecting reishi or reiyoku from an opponent and reforming it into a condensed form and with a little manipulation of the energy they become bullets which in comparison with normal Quincy arrows they are much smaller in size and faster, making them harder to see and dodge. Though Erzengel’s primary function is in the firing of Ginto. Created especially for Giovanni by his grandmother was a selection of Ginto she called Geist Hülse (Ghost Shells) which can be physically loaded when energy is scarce and used to fire highly concentrated beads of reiryoku or high speed Ginto spells directly into the body of a target in terms of offensive spells. Unlike normal bullets that just leave small indents where they struck Erzengel’s Heilig Pfeil explodes on contact causing a wider range of damage. This makes it a powerful tool in destroying barriers, and constructs composed of reishi as it tears apart the spiritrons one by one in an azure blaze. In addition to the explosion, the concussive force released in immense, generating a powerful shockwave that can knock back, disorient, and even pulverize enemies without suitable defenses. Assuming that the explosion doesn’t destroy the target first; Erzengel can hold up to six Geist Hülse at a time, meaning Giovanni has a maximum of twelve Geist Hülse he can use at a single time.
        Quincy Cross Appearance: Giovanni’s Quincy Cross is unlike most crosses. His cross is in the form of an Templar silver cross, about 9.30 Grams in weight, 16.50mm wide, and 20.00mm high with a 2.50mm thickness. The cross is attached to a 26 inch silver chain that Giovanni wears as a keychain. When active the cross split into two and become Erzengel, and appearing on the handles. Click Here
        Spirit Weapon Appearance: Erzengel is a special spirit weapon compared to other spirit weapons. Unlike most traditional Quincy that specialize with a bow or a sword like most of the members of his family, Giovanni has always had a talent for firearms and a love for them in design and power. From a young age it was no shock that his spirit weapon would be a firearm of some sort. The fact Erzengel was extended into a dual weapon made them special all on their own. Erzengel resembles a Colt Revolver a six shooter with an extended barrel and a round, black metal handle. The Quincy Cross splits into two and attaches itself to the handle of both guns which shines a bright azure. Giovanni uses Erzengel in conjunction with the Geist Hülse which are special conceptual weapons created just for him that utilize Giovanni’s ideals of Severing and Binding. In appearance based off the model revolver it is based off of it is a break-open single shot pistol meant for sport shooting, which is one of Giovanni’s hobbies when he visits his grandparents. Simple yet powerful, the weapon can, with little modification be used to shoot various ammunition ranging from .22 LR to rifle bullets. While it is not suited for real combat, it is able to deal the maximum physical damage possible. Its grip and forearm are carved in walnut, making it reminiscent of a dagger in its scabbard. The only visible mechanical parts are the trigger and the hammer, with neither a cylinder nor slide on the simple exterior, making it similar to the percussion pistols used in the last hours of the Middle Ages. The lack of complex parts between the barrel and trigger allows for high accuracy and less recoil when fired. The cartridge of the Geist Hülse has a bottleneck structure, and its size and power level on an entirely different level from a handgun bullet. The .30-06 is 30% stronger than the .308 Winchester rifle bullets and even surpasses the hand cannon class of a Magnum bullet. While it is a powerful weapon with especially powerful Ginto bullets displaying destructive power capable of easily puncturing bulletproof vests and killing large animals in a single shot when discharged from a handgun, but when fired from Erzengel, a single Geist Hülse has no problem shattering the mask of a Hollow or even puncturing some of the toughest Arrancar’s Hierro.

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        Spirit Weapon Attacks:
      • AzoLto
        AzoLto is one of Giovanni’s first techniques he was able to perform when he started his training as a Quincy. As his skills advanced he learned how to control the technique known as AzoLto. AzoLto utilize the basic principles of conjuring a Spirit Weapon and Heilig Pfeil.
      • FoLLte
        FoLLte is a specialized technique that Giovanni inherited from his Grandmother. It allows him to turn his deadly Heilig Pfeil into something harmless; one would say if they looked at the zero damage they cause, compared to their normal skill. When FoLLte is used Giovanni’s Heilig Pfeil manifest circle targets (much like the ones one see when they play darts or go to a firing range) on an opponent’s body, after his energy is imprinted on the target’s body where he decides he wants them, or better said where his bullets struck the target. They target has zero wounds to their body or any form of physical damage. Most people never notice the fact they have been marked. These markings are not just attached to the target’s clothes but to their skin. They can even be placed on things that aren’t living. The target usually feels the force of something pushing them as the Heilig Pfeil hits but in terms of life threatening danger there is none. Now, these targets known as FoLLte are not just for show or for a game. They are made with Giovanni’s own Reishi making them apart of him. So Giovanni can shoot his Heilig Pfeil and they will never miss their targets. He doesn’t even have to aim, because his Heilig Pfeil will home in on the targets no matter where the target hides. The downside is that its effective range is less than his true range. The range of this technique is only 500 yards (five football fields) and the targets will start to disappear as the target gets further away from Giovanni and once the targets vanish from the opponent’s body they will have to be reapplied.
      • MezoFoLLte
        This technique is Giovanni’s personal and enhanced version of using a Ginto spell called Sprenger and his own skill FoLLte. Although instead of using a Ginto and multiple Seele Schneiders Giovanni uses his own spiritual energy as a lure for spiritual particles to gather around a target. Giovanni uses this technique only as a last resort due to the amount of time it takes to set up if the target is actually a tough opponent for him to defeat with his normal tactics. Giovanni fires his Heilig Pfeil towards a target, usually from above missing on purpose or forcing them to dodge and only firing within the precise location in which he wants them to land. Once Giovanni stops firing he will aim a single revolver towards the target and fires a final line of Heilig Pfeil towards the target mainly at the ground to cause dirt to rise up and conceal his motions. As Giovanni is out of sight due to the smoke he will point his weapon into one of the bullet holes in the ground and fire once again which activates the formation of a Glyph of spirit particles that shows the range of his technique. Giovanni aims both revolvers into the sky and begin to fire off random charged Heilig Pfeil into the sky and once the reach their peak the Heilig Pfeil shatter rain down showering all targets in range before a final large Heilig Pfeil crashes into the center of the glyph causing a massive explosion. What makes this technique so interesting is the fact when Giovanni is creating the glyph the Heilig Pfeil don’t explode as they pierce through the ground. Most opponents forget never notice the difference because they are used to avoiding the explosions already or they figure Giovanni is running low on energy and cannot produce strong enough Heilig Pfeil to explode on contact. The Glyph is also interesting because it makes up multiple FoLLte on solid non-living objects rather than living ones that tend to move around a lot. The creations of this technique is to scare the target into moving towards the created areas in order to cause serious damage to vital organs or destroy the target in a single strike. But if the target doesn’t move they will be injured or killed by the final charged arrow.

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      • Antonio Stradivari III // Grandfather - Mother's Father - 65
        Antonio Stradivari the third is Giovanni’s grandfather; he’s the descendent of Antonio Stradivari the original Italian master craftsman the creator of the Stradivarius. Like his father and his father’s father before him he’s a famous classical composer and a violinist. Giovanni looks up to Antonio more so than his father’s parents. Antonio is the one who trained Giovanni to play the violin. For this Giovanni is extremely grateful. Giovanni is very protective over Antonio and because he’s human just like his mother Giovanni makes it his prime reason to protect his grandfather when he comes to visit from Italy.
      • Anna Stradivari // Mother - 42
        Anna Stradivari is a Famous Classical Violinist; she is the daughter of Antonio Stradivari III and the mother of Giovanni and his siblings. Giovanni loves his mother because she supports him and his dreams to be a famous musician one day. Although she and her children didn’t take her husband’s last name due to the Stradivari name and power behind it she loves her husband’s family as if they were her own blood relatives. Anna is Italian but she speaks German fully and understands the life of a Quincy after a Hollow attacked one of her performances and Siegfried found and protected her. Giovanni keeps looking for the father that protected his beautiful mother, yet he doesn’t see the relationship.
      • Siegfried Schtauffen // Father - 47
        Siegfried Schtauffen is the father of Giovanni, Kischur, and Irisviel. He’s also a very famous Cardiac and Neurosurgeon of German. Because of Anna’s schedule in performances Siegfried had stationed their family in Japan due to the main hospital that his father owns. Giovanni and Siegfried don’t get along very well, due to Giovanni’s weak nature for killing. Siegfried is the current head of the Schtauffen family which is a famous family among the Quincy and they use to be a pure blood family until Siegfried took on a human bride in order to hide himself, within the world to throw off rival families attempting to kill him.
      • Frederick Schtauffen // Grandfather - Father's Father - 70
        Frederick Schtauffen is Giovanni’s grandfather on his father’s side. He actually likes his grandfather a little more than he likes his father. In a way he sees Frederick as a father more so than his own. Frederick spoils Giovanni and tends to praise everything he does in front of the boy even though he curses his own son for being a failure as a father for not training the young Quincy earlier in his life. Frederick is also the owner of five major hospitals around the world, one of which is in Japan.
      • Margaret Schtauffen // Grandmother - Father's Mother – 65
        Margaret Schtauffen is the heart of Giovanni; she alone was his reason to start training to be a Quincy. Because of her own skills in firearms she noticed right away that Giovanni would feel more comfortable handling a gun rather than a bow or a sword like his father and siblings. Margaret developed the special Ginto bullets for Giovanni’s spirit weapon as well as trained him for the past seven years. On top of that Margaret is always the first relative at his band concerts if its rock or classical. She a wild one that’s for sure, and Giovanni loves her very much.
      • Irisviel Stradivari // Older Sister - 20
        Irisviel is Giovanni’s older sister, yet age is the only thing that makes her the older sibling. According to Giovanni she has an over active colorful personality makes her seem like a seven year old in a toy store. She can’t cook, clean, or even do laundry, let alone play an musical instruments. Although he doesn’t get along with his older brother, Giovanni acknowledges him for his talent in playing the piano, unlike Irisviel who can’t even play the basic keys. Giovanni tends to do everything she ask regardless of how stupid it sounds. They have an extremely close relationship to the point where Irisviel protects Giovanni from the negative comments Kischur or their father state to the young Quincy. In terms of Quincy skills, Irisviel is a genius in terms of Ginto usage and hand to hand combat, making it her own. She’s never been one to use a weapon properly which Giovanni relates back to her skill playing an instrument, but when it comes to brute strength and spiritual power, Irisviel has more than Kischur and Giovanni combined.
      • Kischur Stradivari // Older Brother - 22
        Kischur Stradivari is Giovanni’s older brother and also the next in line to be the head of the Schtauffen family after their father. It’s worth noting that Kischur and Giovanni seem to have a problem with each other (Kischur isults him, beats him up, and tells him to stay away from him once he takes over the family), not surprisingly, Giovanni hates Kischur too because of his cruel treatment towards him. Overall this brotherly love is a love-hate relationship. Kischur and Giovanni tend to help each other out whenever they have a common goal. Kischur continues to make rude comments to Giovanni even in times Quincy. Kischur possesses the perfect power that many Quincy desire. Because of this he is always composed and confident in his power. His air of aloofness and indifference is a product of dignity that only one of such rare Quincy may possess. Kischur is more or less emotionless, only anger, annoyance, and dissatisfaction showing on his face. Kischur lives by a simple rule: All, that stand in his way is an enemy whom he will exterminate without hesitation. He does not hold back his power, even against women. For this Giovanni and Kischur have different outlooks on life, and with that, Kischur is looked at as a genius in terms of combat with weapons and hand to hand combat.

        Personality: Giovanni comes across as an intelligent, well-mannered young man with a soft-spoken demeanor and a quick smile. He can be somewhat absent-minded, and what one might term as a "home-body", in that he enjoys cleaning, cooking, and other activities more usually suited to housewives. Giovanni is well read and enjoys learning and is full of strange, possibly useless information. He also possesses a good memory, and is fairly capable when it comes to 'reading' people (which makes him killer when it comes to poker let alone a fight). His sense of humor is quirky, and due to the fact that he nearly never shows anger, it can be difficult to tell if his cheerfully delivered barbs are honest or in jest, which some people find rather off-putting.

        He puts forth an optimistic attitude even in the face of severe adversity; though he is perfectly capable of treating a given situation with the seriousness it is due. He's not a clown, so much as someone who seeks to keep everyone around him in good spirits even when the going gets rough which makes him a key member of FT Island seeing how the band of high school boys is always getting into arguments over stupid things.

        This affable, if odd, exterior hides a much darker side, which thankfully is rarely seen. It's a part of him that only emerges fueled by a deep feeling of hurt and rage, a need for vengeance that can take a horrifying toll on those unfortunate enough to provoke it. It's a part of himself that Giovanni has tried to put away; something he hopes very dearly will remain in his past. Due to the circumstances of his life, there is also a lingering sense of melancholy about him that emerges from time to time, a result of feelings of guilt and self-depreciation in regards to the shame he has brought to his family name; mainly his father's.

      • Housework. Giovanni is basically a housewife, minus the wife part. He enjoys cooking, cleaning, and taking care of those in need. He thinks of his band members as a part of his family although when he thinks of that he can’t figure out who would be the husband of the group if he’s the wife. Even at home, the maids of the house never enter Giovanni’s room because it’s never dirty and he tends to always want to help out in the kitchen with dinner or cleaning even though it’s their job.
      • Music. Due to his quick journey through life, music has made the largest impact. Giovanni plays multiple instruments and is the product of years of musical talent being passed down on his mother’s side of the family. Although it’s not the classical taste he enjoys when he’s at home he loves rock music and with that he’s a proud member of FT Island.
      • Strategy Games. The little genius he is, Giovanni spends a lot of his free time reading books on military strategy or playing other strategy games to strengthen his reasoning and response time. These games are then incorporated into his daily life and even training when he goes down to the shooting range just to blow off some steam after his older brother angers him.

      • Rap Music. Giovanni doesn’t count Rap as a music or art form, he calls it trash and those who listen to it idiots.
      • Religion. Giovanni just doesn’t find a reason to believe in something he can’t see or touch. He barely believe the Shinigami are technically Gods. He finds them to be dead souls who can’t find peace in themselves.
      • Slutty People. Although Giovanni doesn’t agree with their lifestyle, he doesn’t hate them. He just thinks they need to stop showing off their developed or trained body. It’s just because of how small his body is for his age. He hates how young he looks and people treat him.

      • Kischur Stradivari. His older brother and rival; ignoring the fact they are siblings, Kischur’s constant discouragement and comments only make Giovanni dislike him more and more every day to the point he know hate’s his brother and wouldn’t mind seeing him die at his own hands if he ever hand the chance to do it.
      • Cocky People. Giovanni just can’t stand to listen to people talk for too long about unimportant things. He tends to have a short temper for those who do bad things to other people and then boast about their talents.
      • Lastly, Giovanni hate’s those who harm innocent people or make women cry.

      • Although he is a child still and can sometimes act rashly, he is capable of making tough decisions and cutting observations. He has a fondness for music, mainly classical music in which he plays four instruments (Violin, Guitar, Piano, and Cello) and is well known for being a genius with the violin; despite playing in a rock band in his free time. He also has a liking for guns, action movies, and classic novels, including The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Because of his hobbies Giovanni is looked at as a master of gunplay, especially with pistols.

        Biography: (Minimum of Four Paragraphs)