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So, there is this movie I'm sure you all have heard about. You know, that Mortal Insturments movie. Well, where I live, they had the merchaindice out for weeks and it hasn't even come out yet. The stuff looks pretty neat and have been tempted to buy it, but I'll wait until after I see it, if I do. To me, this movie seems like s rip off to Devil May Cry in away, which is why I don't want to see it, but thats also why I want to see it. I have mixed feelings about it. The reason, when DmC came out, alot of people where saying it was a ripp off to this one movie where the guy saw things that no one else could like Dante, expect he saw zombies and not demons. I can just hear them now when and if they decided to go wiht the devil may cry movie. They'll says its a rip off to Mortal Insturments, when they had the script for the devil may cry movei doen way before the Mortal Inturments movie came about and the books. At least, I it was a book first, but, anyways, I know I shouldn't let what oher people sya bug, but it is kind of annoying. Its like, "really? Thats why you won't see it? Really?" Which is another reason I might just give this Mortal Insturments movie a chance.