This is a list of 20 things I hate, and 20 things I like. This is just for fun. I've gotta tell ya, the dislike part was way easier than the things I like.
I'm not a negative person, I swear. crying

Dislike List:

1. The sound of hands rubbing together.
2. The smell of grease.
3. Dry skin.
4. People who gossip.
5. People who like My Little Pony. (I'm totally joking.)
6. My Little Pony. (Not totally joking.)
7. Over exaggerated anime characters.
8. Slow PC's.
9. Crayons. I especially hate them right now. I can't find any of my pastels or colored pencils to color my sketches. stare
10. Intolerant people

Like List:

1. Food.
2. Weed.
3. People who accept me.
4. Non intolerant people in general.
5. Confident people.
6. My iPhone.
7. Food.
8. RPGs.
9. Animal Crossing
10. Food.

That was a bullshit list IK. I wasn't serious most of the time typing this.
Maybe I'll do a 20 things challenge in the future. sweatdrop