u may have blocked me you may have huurt me you may ignore me but i swear that you cant silence me for i brought not drama but recieved backlash drama drama drama run around like panicing sheepo you bring it on your sleves when one steps up to end the madness you hurt them more because they care enough to try and stop the suffering that you cuase when one chooses that which huerts them over that which makes them hapopy then who is to blame how can ity be wrong ewhen one sqys it ffeels so right keep running back to me time after time it wasnt my fualkt that you ruined your life and you still try nto hurt me still try to hate me but in reality youll always love me your mind and your heart ache with desire the heartbrekak you instilled in yourself is what harbors thius hatred and the more you blame me for your selfish and foolish ignorant and stupid choices the more you will realize that your helpless and and the more youll wish i was around because apperntly when you care enough about someone you hurt them the most you possibly can so please keep up your little charade and cling to your sense of comfort because the drama and tables will turn once more and you will see what it dfeels like to be me so squirm in yoiur anguish and shed your false tears your nothing but a bucnh of foolish prideful sinners lost in a fantasy for you could never attain anytthing in realkty if you so choose to deny this solid fact then there is no salvation for you from the divine wrath suffer in silence if you so choose but start a war and ill kill you!!!

i cared enough for a long t9ime put up with s**t and i didnt cry no matter how hard the times got i was always there when things were rough. once loved now despised the only thing that changed is that i realised im too good to deal with you and your miniscule games so go be happy with a rapist or a abusive boyfreind because your taste in men is so refined that you always end up wanting to die and those that save you cant be there forever so really its all up to you you useles failure i am sorry if your hurt but itds not about you anymore you gave up what you had and now youll live with regret eat the shock of the profound nature of this letter and take out the splineter from your a** and maybe if your smart enough read this again because i in no way wish for you to be dead but to clear the air was what i wanted but in the end this is what you have gotten forgeotten memories and times of cheer now turn into echos of fear for you long to be held by my arms and my voice but ill never allow you that privilage again for my heart isnt a toy and my brain means more to others then youll ever understand