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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 4.25 - The Wedding Party
White: *His eyes narrowed as he followed everybody else, observing the decorations around him. He saw all sorts of foods and drinks over tables that were shaded by large tent canopies, not that he understood what they were. He stopped himself when they arrived, watching everyone else around him walk and mingle. He looked over to Ancaladar, his eyes narrowing more. It was really all he wanted to do, being someone he could relate with, though he couldn't find himself to speak with him. He walked towards a table, feeling parched. He saw all the different colored drinks, sighing as he couldn't make out the labels. His tribe thought him to read, it was just that he didn't know what he was reading in the first place.*

Ancaladar: *He looked over to White as he saw he was looking at him, chuckling to himself. He moved his body carefully, lying down on the ground near the square as he watched all of his friends enjoying the celebrations. He waited patiently for White to approach him on his own.*


Melody: *She went over to Ukitake, smiling faintly to him.* Ukitake.. you weren't.. crying, were you?

Ukitake: *He turned around, smiling as he looked at her and heard her question.* ...Well, I... I mean we've been through so much together... Remember the book I read to you? Well... *He smiled, rubbing his head. He still liked to think of her has a child but he knew she was much too mature for it.*

Melody: Ukitake.. *She moved her hand onto his cheek, leaning up to kiss his cheek softly.* You can read to me whenever you'd like. Don't think this is the end. *She said cheerfully.* Thank you for being supportive.

Ukitake: *He smiled, laughing and feeling relieved to hear that.* I'm looking forward to it. And it's no trouble at all.


Alonsa: *She went to a table, pouring water into a big glass cup as she sobbed, drinking it all in one gulp as she sniffed. She put it down, about to pour into it again as she sniffed when she noticed a wine bottle. She grabbed it, pouring it in the cup instead.*

Ven: Are you okay? *He looked over to her.* The wedding's over. You can stop crying..

Alonsa: *She turned over to him, nodding as she drank at the same time, putting the cup down. She just kept nodding until her eyes teared up again, turning to pour more wine as she sniffed.*

Ven: ... *He grabbed her wrist.* Alonsa, you should not be drinking wine until you've calmed down. You're going to smash yourself.

Alonsa: Yes... you're right... *She closed her eyes, looking down until she broke free and ran with the wine bottle* MY WINE!!

Ven: Alonsa, what the hell?! *He sighed, watching her.* Worse than Shunsui, I swear..

Shunsui: ...What's worst? *Hic.* ...*He just stared at him with one eye narrowed and the other widened, looking down at him with a crooked smile.*


Aryll: *She was chasing Ra as she giggled, throwing cherry blossoms and their petals at him. Both of them were covered in pink spots with how much were on them. She kept chasing Ra, but they both ended up crashing into Harrier, cherry blossoms flying everywhere*

Ra: *He fell over, rolling in a bunch of cherry blossoms as he giggled, stopping on his back as he threw more into the air, extending his hands out for them as the sun made his purple eyes sparkle, giggling cutely.*

Aryll: *She fell beside him, giggling as she threw them up with him.* It's so pretty!

Harrier: *He groaned, spitting out pink petals out of his mouth.* I hate kids.. *He stood up, wiping his clothes off.*


White: *His eyes narrowed as he looked down at his cup of apple juice, only just remembering he never drank from a cup before, let alone whatever was poured into it. He narrowed his eyes, looking around before bringing it up close to his mouth and just using his tongue. Some random person stared at him, sweatdropping. He just looked at her.* ...It's good...

Melody: *She went over to White, completely ignoring how odd he looked.* White... *She smiled gently to him.*

White: *He put the cup down on the table, turning over to her as he wiped his mouth, looking down awkwardly.* O-oh, Melody... Did you enjoy being bonded...? *He looked up, sliding his hands down his pants to dry them off from the drink.*

Melody: *She nodded gently to him, taking his hands into hers.* Thank you for coming.. I hope we didn't make you uncomfortable

White: *He shook his head slightly, narrowing his eyes.* Not at all... I was learning... Um... *He looked down, smiling faintly.* Human bonding is not that much different than ours.

Melody: *She nodded as she moved some hair out of her face.* Just.. be careful tonight. Some of our friends enjoy partying a bit too much.. *She said, watching Alonsa running while drinking the wine from the bottle.*.... Just stay with me tonight

White: Actually... *He looked over to Ancaladar, his eyes narrowing as a faint blue flushed over his face.* ...Could I ask a favor... I don't feel very motivated on my own.

Melody: *She looked at him, seeing him look away.* S-Sure.. What is it?

White: Could you... maybe... introduce me? *He looked back to her.*

Melody: *She stared with a blank expression, looking to see Ancaladar resting in the distance. She nodded.* Come on. Let's go get a dragon reunion. *She said as she walked with him.*

White: *He nodded, narrowing his eyes as he followed her. He was finally going to meet with the legendary Starborn.*

Alonsa: WHOOO!! *She was already getting tipsy, nearly falling in the background laughing as Ven caught her.*

Ven: *He just stared down, taking the wine bottle from her.* Okay, you're going to be smashed tomorrow. I'm giving no sympathy. *He said, putting her on a chair to sit down.*

Melody: *She walked with White, looking around at how everyone was having a good time. It seemed like Link was busy talking to the guests too, which made her happy to see him like this. She approached the large dragon.* Ancaladar?

Ancaladar: ( Song of Dragons ) *He growled lowly, opening his eyes as he looked down at the two.* Congratulations on your wedding.

White: *His eyes narrowed as he looked up to him, his eyes slightly shaking as he was looking at the dragon most spoke of in folktales, the one his tribe always admired. Even though he didn't really like to be around his other tribe members, they often talked about him. He looked down wishing his sister was here with him to meet him.*

Melody: *She smiled up to Ancaladar, holding White's hand tightly.* I have a friend to introduce to you..

Ancaladar: *He sat up, his scales shimmering in the light as he sat boldly.* White Wind, I presume.

White: *His eyes slightly widened upon hearing him call out his name, looking up frantically towards him. A breeze picked up, moving his clothing softly as he couldn't help but smile.* ...I'm... honored..

Ancaladar: *He lowered his head as he moved it closer to stare into White's eyes.* Dragons are indeed rare, especially those of your tribe. I believe it is I who should be honored.

White: *His eyes narrowed and shook as he looked deeply into Ancaladar's eyes, the wind around them moving gracefully. It seemed like Ancaladar also knew of the way dragons greeted others; through their eyes. From them, they are able to look into their lives. As White did so, his eyes narrowed, feeling blessed by his presence.* ...You miss him greatly. Jermayan. *He moved a hand to place on his nose.*

Ancaladar: *He closed his eyes as he growled lowly.* I do, but just as we all experience this once in our lives, I have moved on. He is in a better place. *He opened his eyes to him.* And you're still looking for your sister..

White: *He nodded, his eyes narrowing in deep thought.* Sometimes I think she too is in the same place... I need everyone's help. Dragons are capable of sharing hope. For a dragon who's suffered in the war between the Light and Endarkened, and for another to have been alone and in search of something precious to them... Let us combine our hopes.

Ancaladar: *He chuckled as he heard him speak.* Well, enough of that for now.. What do you say we get to know each other a bit more as fellow allies and go flying for a bit? The skies are great right now.

White: *He looked over to Melody, wondering it that would be okay with her.* Melody...?

Melody: *She looked to him, smiling gently.* Go enjoy yourself, White. I'll see you later.

White: *His eyes narrowed and shook slightly, closing them as he lowered his head and let the winds stir over him, glowing it's green majestic light. Soon enough they broke free his dragon form, coiling his body as he floated in place. He lowered his head to Melody, his large blue eyes glistening as his whiskers tickled her.* ...I won't be long...

Melody: *She smiled as she looked up at him.* Go have a good time.. don't worry about it. *she said, waving to the two as they took off together. She headed back to Link, hugging his arm.*

Link: *He smiled, looking up at the dragons.* ...Is that actually White? Wow he looks pretty cool... *He looked back to her, giggling.* I guess we found ourselves another buddy to tag along on our crazy ride, huh?

Melody: *She nodded as she looked up to him.* He looks so happy.. I'm glad he's beginning to feel more comfortable. *She looked back to him, smiling gently.* Our family expanded again.

Link: *He smiled, blushing as he giggled* I like the sounds of that... Family. I'm so happy... *Alonsa started making a scene in the back, having Link sweatdrop but still give Melody the same expression as before.* L-Let me get you a drink...

Melody: *She nodded to him as she smiled.* Alright.. *She looked around at her friends, seeing how even they looked so happy just as she was. Even her parents were having conversation with Link's grandmother. that alone made her feel amazing, going after Link.* Look.. *She said, pointing to them.*

Link: Ah... I'm glad our families are getting along so well together. *He smiled, looking back.* Oh, what would you like to drink?

Melody: I'm fine with water.. *She blushed faintly as she looked to him, her butterfly fluttering around her. She heard some crashing, looking over as she saw Alonsa flopping around.*... Is she okay?

Link: I really hope so... I've never seen her like that before. *He started walking towards one of the tables.* But it's Alonsa, so I’m sure she'll be fine.

Melody: I hope you're right.. *She said, following him and sitting down in one of the chairs by the table. She smiled up to him, not getting over the thought that she was married to him now.* How does it feel to be a prince now?

Link: *He smiled, looking over as he poured the water for his wife, giggling.* Hehe, I'm pouring my first glass of water for my wife... I know it's just water bu- *The water overflowed, his eyes widened as he stopped pouring and stepped back, the water dripping off the table.* ...Aww maan... *He walked over to her, taking a sip of her over filled water and giving her the rest.*...Feels fantastic.

Melody: *She smiled faintly to him as she saw the usual chaos that followed him occur.* Link.. Thanks. *She said, taking it as she took a sip.* Today's been perfect so far.. I couldn’t' ask for anything more.

Jade: *He walked over with a glass of champagne, smiling as his lenses reflected the light, his other hand in his pocket.* Well, well, Link... The night's barely started and you've already messed up supplying your wife a simple glass of H2O. Excellent. *He took a sip of his wine, smiling into his cup as he looked down to Melody.* I didn't get a chance to congratulate the newly wedded couple so I decided to do so before this wine affected my head. *He nodded his head, closing his eyes as he looked sincere.* Congratulations. Link. *He held a hand to shake his, smiling.*

Link: *He smiled, scratching the back of his head as he blushed.* Th-thanks Jade... *He went to grab his hand, shaking it. He was surprised it wasn't some sort of trick, but he could tell Jade was being sincere for once.* It really means a lot to have a Colonel... *He shook his head.* No, a friend like you, with us tonight.

Melody: *She didn't really bother to explain to Jade that she wasn't interested in alcoholic drinks that her friends were engulfing. She nodded as she smiled to Jade.* Yes, thank you.. It really does mean a lot to us to have you as part of our family.

Gareth: *He came over, holding his own drink.* Yeah, and surprisingly no jokes either. I'm a bit surprised, Jade.

Jade: *He sipped his wine, smiling as he looked over to Gareth.* The night's still young... Who's to say I'm not just warming up the atmosphere? *Link's eyes widened, causing Jade to chuckle.* Oh, not to worry... I'd hate to leave you any tenser than you already are seeing as water is being dripped off the edge of the table. Someone should really clean that up.

Link: Tense? I-I'm not tense...! I'm overjoyed...! Really, this is going to be an awesome night. *He giggled, Jade just staring at him.* ...I DIDN'T NEED TOILET PAPER!

Jade: Point taken. I think you should go mingle, for your well being. *He smiled as Link left all flustered.*


Link: *The day continued on and soon early evening came upon them. Everyone was having a good time and music was beginning to play for the party. He walked back, staring at Melody all excited. He clearly wanted to do a slow dance with her. Jade sighed.*

Melody: *she looked back up at him, blinking.* What? *she felt a bit awkward that he was staring at her.*

Link: Melody, may I have this dance...? *He smiled, holding his hand out to her. Jade just snickered, causing Link to glare.*

Melody: *She blushed faintly, feeling really embarrassed. She was never one for dancing, but he seemed really motivated to do it. She reached for his hand, but Jade laughing made her feel more embarrassed.* I don't know.. *She looked up to him shyly.*

Link: I promise to be gentle... *He gave her a big warm smile, his eyes closed as he blushed.* It'll be fun, c'mon. Have I ever lied to you before? Shut up Jade. *Jade just stared, not knowing how he knew he was going to add something.*

Jade: *He smiled, looking over to Melody.* In other words, he wants to grope you.

Link: NO I DON'T!

Jade: He tried spilling the water on you so your dress could be see through. *He added, before sipping his wine.* Just think about that before you go.

Link: *He lowered his head, sweatdropping. He knew the moment was dead at this point.*

Melody: Jade.. please.. *She said as she stood up, taking Link's hand as she blushed faintly.* Okay.. I'll do it..

Link: Hah! In your face Jade! *He walked her to the center of the party, all excited. Ukitake arrived where Jade and Gareth were, just minding his own business as he treated himself to drinks.*

Jade: So, Ukitake, how do you feel being married to Melody now? *He added, causing Ukitake to just look at him with widened eyes.* Well you are a Soul Reaper. Who knows how other illogical attempts from you could have pulled. For all we know Link is actually you and you're actually Link. In fact I bet everyone here is not who they're suppose to be.

Ukitake: ......J-Jade, are you feeling okay? *He just stared.*

Jade: It's the wine.

Gareth: *He just stared blankly at Jade.* And this is why I don't drink.. *He sighed, rubbing his hand through his hair.* Sorry, Ukitake.

Ukitake: Well, it's Jade... *He smiled.* Everyone is having a good time, so it doesn't matter. Gareth, do you dance? You should ask a young girl to dance with you. It would be so cute.

Gareth: W-What? *He blushed faintly, shaking his head as he looked at him.* No.. L-Let them... enjoy themselves.. *He was obviously really girl shy.* Why don't you..?

Ukitake: *He laughed when the question was redirected towards him, rubbing his head.* I'm not much of a womanizer. I couldn't do so if I tried. I'm completely content with my family here with me those things don't come to mind. Though I'm sure the Colonel over here must have been with many women in his days.

Jade: *His eyes narrowed, smiling as he chuckled.* Ukitake, you make me sound as if I'm older than Kyouraku. Though to answer your question, I have had my share of nobles. Being of criteria, though the Emperor would usually have to coy me into them... None have been what you'd call a stable relationship. Too many jokes drive them away, apparently. *Ukitake laughed.*

Ukitake: I suppose you're too busy being a Colonel, then.

Jade: *He nodded, sipping his wine as he looked to Link and Melody's dance. He smiled as he saw others stare to dance around them, such as Shunsui and Zelda. Alonsa was dragging a resisting Ven, however.* ...Yes, love is much too time consuming. I wouldn't be Jade if I were in love. *Ukitake looked over, slightly confused.*

Aryll: *She ran over to their group, stopping in between all three of them. She looked up at Jade innocently.* Jade, come dance! *She reached up to pull on his clothing.*

Jade: *He looked down, smiling as he amused himself with the thought.* Me? Dance? Certainly you'd prefer Ra over me. Slow dancing with a child is another issue, you'd be hugging my knee and I'd have a sore neck the rest of the night. You do the math.

Ukitake: *He laughed, picking Aryll up.* How about we dance instead? I'll invite Ra.

Aryll: *She frowned, looking to Jade.* Okay.. *She held onto Ukitake, hugging him tight.*

Jade: *He watched as Ukitake walked off with her, smiling until he felt Ra tug his pants from behind.* ...Oh another one. *Ra looked up to Jade, showing himself all dirty. He looked like he fell in mud. Jade sweatdropped.* ...I'm afraid to ask.

Ra: *He was crying, sniffing as he wiped his face on him and cried.* Aryll pushed me because I didn't want to dance with her and I fell in the mud and then I got all dirty!... It didn't even taste good!

Jade: Well when I find a hose I'll rinse you down. *He sipped his tea.*

Ra: *He just stared up at Jade, blinking. He smiled, thinking it would be cool.* Coooool! Okay! *He smiled and looked at Ukitake walking towards them. He hid behind Gareth's legs, not wanting to dance.*

Gareth: *He blinked, looking down at Ra.* Just be polite and tell them you don't want to Ra.. no one will force you to.


Jade: Don't worry Ra I'll cover for you. *Ukitake arrived, about to ask Ra when Jade just splashed the rest of his wine on his face.*

Gareth: Jade!

Aryll: *She screamed, jumping out of Ukitake's arms but ended up falling in mud.*

Ra: *She looked at Aryll, pointing and laughing.* HAHAHA! That's what you get! *He high fived Jade.*

Ukitake: *His eyes just widened, blinking.* ...What just happened...

Jade: Oh, I was just ending my unwanted drink. I was going to do it to somebody anyway and figured it was the perfect opportunity for chasing off unwanted dancers. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some mud to clean off my clothing. *He walked off.*


Ukitake: Ohh, I see. Aryll that wasn't very nice. *He looked down.*

Aryll: *She just cried there.*

Ra: *He pouted, looking at her.* .... Hmph. She looks cute all dirty. *Ukitake sweatdropped, crouching down to him as he wiped the dirt away from Ra's face.*

Ukitake: Ra, why don't you two dance? You don't need to do a slow dance if you don't want to.

Ra: Fine. Let's go Aryll! We're gonna dance!

Aryll: *She shook her head, making a mudball and whipping it at his face that ended up splashing Uktiake as she ran off to cry to Alonsa.*

Ra: *His eyes widened, tearing up as he started bawling. Ukitake facepalmed.*

Alonsa: ...And then I said... I'M GONNA KICK YOUR a** NIGHTSHADE....*Hic.* *She was talking to a tree.*

Ven: *He went over to Ukitake.* I've given up hope on Alonsa.. She's super drun-- what the hell happened to you?

Ukitake: *He slowly grabbed a napkin, smiling as he cleaned his face.* Just a little trouble with the children... So, is that her there speaking with the tree?

Alonsa: *She was talking to a garbage can now, making dramatic gestures.*

Ukitake: Trash can. *He corrected himself, smiling as he patted Ven's shoulder.*

Ven: ...Sadly. *He sighed as he watched Link dancing with Melody.* Look how happy they are.

Ukitake: *He smiled, looking over.* Yes, they're really fortunate to have each other... It's really remarkable. You can tell the way they look into each other’s eyes that they each mean the world to each other.

Ven: *He nodded as he sat down, grabbing his own glass and getting some wine for himself.* It's certainly been a great day.

Melody: *She kept her head rested on his shoulder as she slow danced with him, her eyes closed as she was blushing like crazy.*

Link: *He giggled, looking down as Fi danced with them. He had her head resting on his chest, as he closed his eyes and rested his head on hers.* This is the happiest day of my life...

Melody: *She nuzzled against his chest, enjoying the warmth of his embrace around her.* I agree.. I've never felt this happy before. *She spoke gently.*

Aryll: *She went over and tugged on Link's shirt.* Big brother, I'm hungry. Can we have cake now?

Link: *He looked down, smiling at her. His smile soon faded when he saw how dirty she was.* ...What the heck happened to you.

Aryll: Ra was being mean to me and then Jade squirted wine at Ukitake and Ukitake dropped me and got mad at me. *She frowned.*

Link: *He blinked.* ...Sooo....cake! *He smiled, looking to see White and Ancaladar were heading back anyway.*

Melody: *She smiled faintly to him, leaning up to steal a kiss from him.* Thanks for the dance.. I enjoyed it. *She said, beginning to release him.*

Link: *He giggled, nodding.* That's good. So everyone! We're going to start eating cake now! *Everyone looked over, smiling as they walked around the cake all hungry.*

Melody: *She looked over to Link nervously, knowing it was tradition for the bride and groom to cut the cake together.*

Link: *He looked to her, blushing as he placed the knife in her hands, wrapping his own around them as they looked to the large cake in front of them.*

Alonsa: *Talking to Link's grandma.* MELODY I WANT A BIG SLICE.

Jade: Alonsa, over here.

Alonsa: Oh snap.

Melody: *She blushed faintly as she looked back to him.* Ready..?

Link: ...On the count of three... *He blushed, moving the knife over the cake.*

Aryll: Three... two... one! *She said excitedly, giggling.*

Melody: *She blushed majorly, putting the knife in with Link as they cut into the cake together*

Figure: *He was giggling inside the cake until something cut him, causing him to scream in high pitched sounds as he stood up, crumbling the cake as he broke through it, his hand on his bleeding arm as he screamed and cried. He was covered head to toe in cake as the entire table shook from his stomping, cake flying. He moved his hand to his face, seeing the blood, only causing him to scream more until he decided to lick it off.*

Link: *His eyes widened and shook as he held Melody close to him, holding her back protectively as he just stared at the most unexpected yet familiar person to been hiding all this time, it almost made him choke on his own spit.* Z-ZANT?!!!

Shunsui: *His eyes widened, recognizing the name as he held Zelda close to him, glaring at him, though he sweatdropped.*

Zelda: *She was clinging to Shunsui as her eyes shook in fear, staring at Zant. She knew she felt something off, but she thought it was just her being paranoid. Shunsui could feel her tremble in fear.*

Vaati: *Hiding underneath a table, he could hear the commotion. He was not impressed, sending one of his eye creatures out to peer out. He saw that Zant SOMEHOW hid himself in the cake, most likely he ate his way in from underneath. He used his wind sorcery to flip his table in rage.* Zant, you fool! You acted too early! Enough is enough, if that's how it's going to be, and then I will go with it. Get the princess and let's get out of here, insolent fool! *He said, forming many of his eye creatures.*

Zant: *He was holding his bleeding wound, falling sideways on the table over all the food and drinks as he kicked his legs towards nothing as he had his temper tantrum, his mouth opening as his saliva dripped down his mouth, his head shaking in strangeness and weirdness.* BUT IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A SURPRISE! IT'S NOT FAIR! IT'S NOT FAIR! I WANTED... I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!! *He slammed the table in rage, causing it to turn black and crack, smashing it into pieces as black rectangles began to swarm everything in his fit of rage, moving his hand towards Melody.* YOU JUST WAIT, I'LL SAY IT! I'LL SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND YOU'LL BE HAPPY I DID! And mommy, she'll be so proud, she will! Nehehehah....NEHhahahaha...Nehahahahahaha...HAH!! *He raised Melody in black squares, causing Link to be sent flying into a table. He looked towards Link.* DON'T BREAK ANYTHING I WORKED HARD ON DECORATING! Just like the lepricons in my nose.

Link: Z-Zant... LET GO OF MY WIFE...!! *He got up from the table, holding his arm. He noticed he didn't have his sword with him, his eyes widened.* Damn it all... What the hell are you doing still ALIVE?!

Vaati: *He still had his eyes closed with his eye creatures swarming around, ready to attack. His clothing blew in the dark wind he had flowing around him, causing him to float in the air. He couldn't help but laugh.* I'm sorry to say Link, but Zelda won't be coming with you any time soon. We need her. *He said as he began to fade into the wind.* Zant, let's go!

Zant: *His eyes sparkled as he looked up in awe, his mouth hanging opening as his sleeves drooped down all dumbfounded.* Nehaha- WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! WE NEED TO GET SOME CAKE! *He looked down, grabbing a piece.* One for me... One for my Lord... *He looked to Ra who just stared at him, looking down at the cake and grabbing some, going over to him as pieces dropped on the floor as he did, handing a piece.* HERE SMALL CHILD! *He went back to the cake, noticing his arms full. He put them inside his clothes as he grabbed some drinks.* ...*He looked to Link.* Hey do you guys have any soda? My tummy sometimes gets this bad pressure and I need the bubbles to make me fart.

Shunsui: *He pulled his Zanpaktou out, charging towards Zant as he flash stepped above him, swinging downward.*

Zant: *He grabbed a wine bottle, swinging it up and smashing Shunsui across the face accidentally, his eyes widening as he felt all the wine fall on him as well as the glass, getting cut by all of it as he screamed, moving his other hand to his face but it was holding a bottle of apple juice, smashing it against his head as he screamed, moving back and slipping over cake and falling. Though as he was falling, he bursted into black rectangles before all the stuff he was carrying crashed on the floor, his voice being the only thing left behind.* ...Remember to bring... Oh my god do you guys hear my voice?! It's like I'm here but I'm actually not! I wonder if it echoes... ECHO...ECHO...echo...echo...ec-nope it doesn't.

Vaati: *The wind began to flow with a cold currently.* ZANT I SAID HURRY, SO MOVE YOUR STUPID a**! *He said angrily through the wind.* OR ELSE I WILL PERSONALLY TELL YOUR MOTHER THAT YOU ARE A FAILURE AT LIFE AND WHAT YOU DID LAST NIGHT!

Melody: *She was squirming, trying to get free of Zant's clutches, but this black magic around her had her tightly gripped. Did this guy really think she was Zelda?*

Zant: NEHAHAHA...NEHAHAHA...NEHAHAH*He started coughing, Melody starting to vanish with the darkness.* ....I'M COMING! PLEASE DON'T TELL MOMMY!

Jade: ...*He wiped cake off his glasses, moving it back onto his face as he just stared frowning.* ...I can't believe this... *Ukitake put a hand on his shoulder, comforting him. Jade looked over to him.* ...There's actually someone funnier than myself. *Ukitake gave him a stare.*

Link: FUNNY?! *He walked over to Jade, picking him up by his shirt.* MY WIFE WAS JUST KIDNAPPED BY TWO PEOPLE I THOUGHT WERE DEAD! THIS IS NOT FUNNY!

Jade: Well, I'm frowning... *He looked down at him, putting his hands on his wrists.* Look, yelling at me is not going to bring her back. You heard them, didn't you? They were supposed to take Zelda, but they obviously misunderstood. This is our chance.

Zelda: *Her ears were lowered as she looked to Link.* I'm so sorry.. *She closed her eyes as she was still shaking.* It's my fault..

Ukitake: *He looked over, sort of freaked out by Zant.* ...He acted so strangely... He has strange magic. And that other one...Who was that?

Link: That was Vaati...! *He looked back, glaring at the floor as he tried to calm down. He looked up to Zelda.* It's not your fault... Zant is just an idiot! We need to hurry and find them!

Zelda: *Her eye shook as she looked to them.* It's not going to be easy.. From my own experience, both have incredible powers.. *She looked down.* I sacrificed Hyrule to Zant before.. he's capable of doing inhumane things.. and Vaati has the power to petrify people and steal their souls for his own use..

Ven: Well we better move our asses.

White: *He was staring at everyone with a glare in his eyes, his clothes already back to his original ones and his hair shaggy and roughed up again, a harsh wind blowing through the area as he clenched his fists. Link looked over to him, his eyes slightly widening from White's expression as the wind started to get even more violent.*

Link: *He glared back, nodding as he put on his sword and shield, clenching his own fists as he began to walk towards him.* Let's go save my wife, White.

Zelda: *She looked to them.* I sense Vaati's magic down below the island.. where your Loftwing used to be, Link.

Alonsa: Ahahaha...hahaha. *She began to walk all unbalanced towards them.* ******** Nightshade... *She hit her head against a tent pole, holding her face as she nearly fell back.*

Ra: Well, I guess it's another adventure... *He looked to Aryll.*

Ven: I'm making Alonsa stay back.. *He looked to the trembling Zelda.* You should stay here too.. they even said they wanted you, so it's safer for you.

Shunsui: *He nodded, moving a hand to his hat.* I agree with this, Zelda. Watch over Alonsa for us... *He walked over to her and kissed her cheek, rubbing her shoulder before giving her a smile.* It's going to be okay.

Zelda: *She felt small tears falling as she nodded, moving to him and hugging him tight.* Please be careful.. all of you..

Link: Don't worry, Zelda. *He looked over to Ukitake.* Should we get there by air?

Ukitake: Link why don't you go on your Loftwing? The rest of us will get there on foot, that way we cover both ground and air.

Link: *He nodded, running towards a diving plank off the edge of the island and jumping off, moving his hands to his mouth to whistle for Kurokku, landing on him as he flew skyward.*

Jade: I suppose this classifies as mission wedding crashers. *He smiled, looking over to Ukitake.* Though I must teach them a lesson on respect.

Ukitake: Yes... I feel sorry for them. *He flash stepped out of sight, going to search.*


Vaati: *He appeared in Zant's cave, tapping his foot as he waited for him.* Where is that idiot...

Zant: *He formed in the atmosphere in black rectangles, moving his arms in the air as he clapped them, landing on one foot as he danced in a circle, spinning with his sleeves extended as he stopped with his sleeves pointing to the side. Though Melody appeared on the opposite side, causing him to spin again and stop with his arms pointing towards Vaati. He didn’t seem to get it properly. He stomped the ground, slapping himself in the head.* STUPID! STUPID!...*His eyes widened as his mouth opened, pointing in the air.* Ohhh... *He looked to Melody.* THERE YOU ARE SILLY! *He smiled.*

Melody: *She squirmed as her eyes glared to Zant.* why do you want me..?! I don't even know who you two are!

Vaati: *He was about to congratulate Zant when he noticed that the girls voice was different. He looked back, his eye creatures swarming to her as they examined her.* You idiot! *He shouted loudly.* You grabbed the wrong girl!!

Zant: NO I DIDN'T STOP ACCUSING ME OF THINGS I DIDN'T DO! *He walked over to Melody smiling. He placed a hand at the back of her head, petting her until he slammed her head against the wall to make her bleed. He swiped a finger on it, going over to taste it.* ....Oh no you're right. Zelda's blood tastes more like unicorns. Still good though.

Vaati: Go easy on the damned girl. She WAS getting married, you know. *He rolled his eyes.* Though why Link is marrying another rather than Zelda is beyond me.. but no matter. If he wants his wife back, he has to trade Zelda over. *He moved his hands up into the air, forming a giant portal in front of them.* Right, time for home. Let's go, Zant. Tell your mom you didn't ******** up. *He turned his head as he stared at him with a smirk.* You did your best. *He said before he went into the portal.*

Zant: *He moved his hands over his mouth as his entire body began to shake more and more as his eyes sparkled, tears of happiness streaming down his cheeks, going over to swipe more blood from Melody and sucking it like a lolipop.* ...Mommy... I didn't ******** up.... I DIDN'T ******** UP!!!! ZANT!!! WATCH YOUR MOUTH!! *Covers mouth.* Sorry mommy! *He looked over to Melody.* Melody hit me I said a bad word. HIT ME!! HIT ME MELO- *She punched him in the face, causing him to scream and punch her back.* NO WAIT!...Wait that's good. *He grabbed her wrist, dragging her.* Okay let's go Melody. WE'RE GOING TO THE PORTALS! *He smiled. He picked her up and threw her inside, waiting for a response with a big smile on his face.* .......She's not talking to me... I think she hates me... *He started crying in his sleeves.*

Vaati: Zant! Bring her to me! *He said, already ahead of them.* And stop tasting her blood already!


End of Chapter 4.25
Chapter 4.26

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