"This is not what it seems like." said Athena, slowly stepping away from the child. There lying still and cold was a dead child, circled by a pool of blood, spreading quickly like an angry group of ants. Athena was pacing back and forth trying to think of what to say without sounding crazy. "Excuse me ma'am, we need you to come with us." said a strange man wearing all black. The strange man put Athena in the back of his all black Cadillac with pitch black tented windows. "My name is Chance,' said the strange man "And I know everything that happened to you tonight. That child was coming after you to try and kill you. You are part of a cult led by your mother." Athena gasped for air as she heard the strange news and slowly opened her mouth to speak " Cult? what cult , whats going on...?" Chance began to speak, but was shortly cut off. You see another car had just hit them. The all black Cadillac had just been hit by and eighteen wheeler. The car started spinning and whirling , and BOOM! it was on fire. Athena and chance had died and no one could tell you what happened next, because this is the end.