cause i'm bored.
1) watching the Shaytards on youtube right now, haha I like watching these kinds of things on youtube; like hauls and stuff too.
2) i'm Filipino
3) i can't speak tagalog :/
4) i've taken ESL, can't talk perfect english at all. hahaaa... i've taken 5 years of french though...
5) I've taken modeling classes, and honestly like photoshoots but they make me soooo nervous.
6) i still dream to become a voice actor.
7) i'm going to be an adult on august 22nd!
cool college classes start on the 26th! i'm so nervous, i'm pretty sure i'm going to get lost.
9) i like to think i'm good at saving money, but i'm terrible.
10) i wish i didn't have a smartphone so i wasn't so addicted to it.. eheh.
11) ...i'm planning to major in software engineering because i was inspire by one of the professors at my university. i read an article in the university magazine and the professor was saying how he was all for video games and education, which i 100000% believe.
12) i don't exercise. well, not really. i've begun taking tae kwon do/filipino martial arts classes this summer.
13) i was all for that emo/sceney weenie look in middle school; wearing black clothes, hair covering my eyes. i was like that until... about sophomore year. haha.
14) i met my boyfriend at school, and spoke with him at lunch, and sometimes after 6th hour classes.
15) i'm really organized when i want to be.
16) this is taking so long. i can crack my right big toewithout touching it
17) i wanted to major in nursing, then to become a pediatrician, and then i wanted to go into filming, and then decided to go into engineering.
1 cool i only applied to one college; my first choice. because my friend told me too, plus riley goes there. and it is very well.... respected? idk the word. oh english. i then decided to apply to 2 other schools and finished the applications and when i was going to send them in, i got accepted to my first choice! yay~
19) i've cosplayed once as Haruhi Suzumiya.
20) i'd say i'm an otaku.
21) i like video gaming, but i don't game as much as i used to probably because i'm so busy. call of duty, pokemon, harvest moon, animal crossing, heavenly sword, etc.
22) 22 is my fave number.
23) i love love love shopping. suddenly got into thrift shopping too, probs cause i can spend $100 and get 5 times more than i used to.
24) i eat a ton and get a pot belly, but then it goes away.
25) i weigh... almost 100lbs, around 95lbs.
26) i want at least 2 kids. 4 at most.
27) i want a pet tiger, like really badly.
2 cool i like listening to soundtracks rather than songs. i listen to classical or else soundtracks to games and anime like 5cm per second and skyrim
29) i honestly kinda like make up. i used to hate it before since it makes people look like raccoons and stuff... i'm all for the natural look.
30) i play the viola
31) i love buying undies... bras too.
32) i don't know what my fave food is.
33) i don't really understand the concept of alcohol.
34) or the concept of smoking. i hate the smell.
35) i hate sassy people in class. those kids that sass the teacher. ugh.
36) i love cleaning my ears. and cutting my nails. eheh.
37) i'm really hungry right now. my middle name is ashley
3 cool facts facts facts... i love my hair, honestly. but sometimes think it's way too long.
39) i used to play piano
40) 10 more let's goooo. uhm... i have no idea now. i'm scared of the dark, and taking the bus at night.
41) I really wish i could exercise more, i have no muscles. i like biking BUT PEOPLE ARE DOUCHEBAGS i almost got run over yesterday, dude missed the yield sign.
42) i hate how mean girls is suddenly EVERYTHING. i watched that movie so long ago, eh.
43) i'm really into oversized clothes
44) i can't use chopsticks and i hate fish.
45) i can somewhat draw some manga
46) i kinda like screamo, depends on my mood. same with country. Right now i'm into the song Young and beautiful by Lana Del Ray
47) i like fashion, sometimes. more like youtube fashion. idk, i could shop online and watch hauls and stuff all day if i could.
4 cool hmmm.... i hate people who text/message me so plainly, like i read it in your voice guys, cmon.
49) OMG 2 MORE i can't live without chapstick, i'd so love a chapstick & lip tint. omg
50) i love animals. so much. i have 2 dogs, i had 2 guinea pigs (both died) and i had 2 hamsters (one committed sucide and the other was sold).

wow this took longer than i thought it would/should