Heya guise and gals!
How are y'all?
So my name is Jo and I am on a huge quest
(found in my signature)
And I've always wanted to open an art shop,
but my art is never good enough.
I came up with these little doodles of mine when I was on my tablet,
downloading random doodling apps and such.
So, I draw these with my finger.
I have man hands, too D;
And I'm a female ; o;
So, they're not the best, but it's a way to help towards my quest!
So, all I'm asking is for a simple little click of the tip button then boom~



1. Follow gaia T.o.S, obviously.
2. Be respectful.
3. Hit and Runs are aright , but It would be nice if you would stay and chat. I don't bite,
I promise.. ; o;
4. You may order more than one, but at different times.
-Three is the limit for customer a day!
5. Please quote me with your request.
6. Put a " " in your post, so I know you read this.
7. Have fun and chat ~



Couples (50gg


I could do a few little extra designs on the side like I did with the Citrus in the couple's sample.
That would be an additional 50gg
For example:
If you order a single head, that's 25gg for the single and and extra 50gg for the extra design. Total of 75gg, so three post tips.
If it were a couples, it would be 50gg for the couple, and extra 50gg for the extra design. A total of 100gg, or four post tips.



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