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Hunny-sempi's journal whatever i feel like talking about :P

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Another year gone...
Well it's been a year since my last journal entry... I don't know if I can say much has happened. I started my first semester at RCC two weeks after I graduated, that sucked. A six week class and I was taking business calculus, but I ended up with a B so it wasn't too horrible.

What to say about my first year at college (community college but still, it counts. right?).... Well fall semester sucked, there were some really good times and classes I loved but all I remember is that it sucked. I had 17 units and a really wacky schedule. I would have to say that my favorite classes that semester was welding (i kicked the guys butts) and stagecraft. Both were very physical classes and you just had to show up to get the grade up I loved them. I would have loved them even more if I didn't have English homework to do after welding and Trig after stagecraft.

Through most of the semester I remember myself being constantly hungry.... I could never get enough food. yum_hotdog yum_pizza yum_pumpkinpie yum_burger yum_strawberry yum_bacon I still remember my last day of the semester... I was on my way to school and it had just started to rain. I wasn't even half a mile from my house when my car died (fuel pump died). Mom got me to school early where I went to english lab (yeah we have a stupid lab for english) and then went to the math lab to study. I had my stagecraft class final (really easy, just had to name tools, types of lights and tie knots) and then I ran over to my trig final. I was perfectly fine beforehand, I was talking with friends and going over notes when suddenly once the teacher opened the door, BAM!!, migraine (and not my first one of the semester either). I did the best I could, but my migraines make it so my vision has white blotches and spots before the pain. So I'm sitting there trying to do my final while only seeing half of it, before long I'm just guessing on the answers (thank god for multiple choice) before the pain comes. I get out of there just in time because guess what, I'm starting to feel nauseous. So I call mom and head to the bathroom where I start tasting my lunch for the second time that day. Long story short, it was a sucky night, threw up on the way home and couldn't eat a thing because it would come right back up. On top of that it was the night of The Hobbit premiere, and I had a ticket. I eventually saw The Hobbit a few days later, but still, it sucked.

Sooo after fall semester came winter semester with another six week class. This time it was pre-cal and again my luck with math is staying the same. Another C, but at least I got reading glasses and a favorite math teacher, Mr. Ruiz. So not much exciting over winter semester......

Then there came spring semester... wow was I lucky there. I was waitlisted my intro to chem class and I got in! Same with my second (and last) english class! My history class sucked as much as my first english class... though we had less work. And I loved calc 1 (even if it didn't love me back, yup that's right, another C) I was a wizard with derivatives. My english class wasn't bad.... sure we had an essay almost every week, but it was stuff that I was good at B.S.-ing, so I passed that with an A. YAY! Now onto the bane of my existence, intro to chemistry. Now I've never taken chemistry in my life, mom didn't want me taking it in high school, and all of the sudden I was thrown into it. I never fully understood the concepts we were studying or the rational to it. In lab I could do the assignments no problem but when it came to tests.... I bombed. I've tried every possible means available to me but I still can't understand it. (And this was the semester that I took full advantage to the tutoring that the school offered, twice a week for chem and calc. And with the help of my chem savvy boyfriend)

Though during the spring semester I made some good friends, I met Matthew (Matt) and Michael, Danielle, Bryan, and met up with some old friends, Pauline and Yung. Between those guys they made the semester fun and the thought of being at RCC for three years bearable.

Overall the past year went by quickly. I've learned that keeping my perfect GPA from high school was unrealistic since I have a very challenging and demanding major. I've also learned that assignments don't have to be perfect, just good enough. I didn't get to mentor my robotics team as much as I wanted to this season but school comes first, and I'm not longer needed. I'm phased out.

I've also reconsidered my major and career choice this semester. I'm not as tech or math savvy as the other guys in my major and I'm missing out on my creative side that I love. I'm seriously considering changing my major to one that would allow me to work within the entertainment industry. I would love to work for a movie studio's prop shop or special effects team. Kinda like what the Mythbusters did. I get to be all technical and build things but I also get to be creative. So I guess I'm gonna have to talk to Brad (my stagecraft teacher) about what I should do... I miss childhood, and not having to think about such difficult topics....

Oh also another big thing this year, I celebrated my two year anniversary with my boyfriend! heart YAY!
(also I discovered that RCC's general education is more difficult than my friend's who are at a 4 year private baptist college. Who would have thunk it. And I have no idea what to do with myself without homework. I know, it's sad.)

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