Name: Loki
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual/no preference
Age (appearance, not actual): late twenties-early thirties
Species: Shifter, Trickster, God of Mischief, Aesir (of Asgard), Jotnar (or Jotunheim)
Hair: black, slightly longer than shoulder-length, straight, but wavy when wet
Eyes: green, red in jotnar form
skin-tone: pale, blue in Jotnar form
Weight: underweight, but not unhealthily so
Height: tall
Body: slight, small frame but still toned
Weapon(s): magic, shifting into any form, sword, spear, daggers, knives, throwing knives
Markings: in his frost giant form he has raised scars all over his body
Jewelry: loki wears a pendant on it but the charm is always hidden by his clothes so only the silver chain is visible
Clothing styles: He likes black leather pants, slacks, tunics, close-fitting shirts, trench-coats, belts, buckles, etc. Also, he does have a helmet like the one shown in marvel-verse, but this loki is not that loki so don’t draw tom, kay?
Make-up: none
Other form(s): he can shift into anything, but he loves the form of a small black cat with green eyes, and sometimes will shift into lady loki with long curly black hair down to her butt and a full voluptuous hourglass figure
Turn-ons: broad chests, thunderstorms, nails scratching down his back in bed, being shoved into walls (or other objects) by someone he knows will not genuinely harm him, full breasts, blue eyes, long eyelashes, great smiles, strength, love for him. Random note, when really really into it, he makes it snow. He’s much more subtle than Thor.
Family: Father by adoption and magic is Odin, Mother of the same is Frigga, Brother by the same is Thor, Father by birth was Laufey, carrier of the same is Farbauti, Brothers by the same are Helblindi and Býleistr. He has no children, though he raised Sleipnir from a foal so he is rather attached.
Relationships: yeah, he’s in a twisted but still overall loving relationship with his not-brother Thor. Also, he sometimes sleeps with Ba’ast, and if he’s mad at Thor he’ll go after anyone he wants and most will be okay with it.
Personality: Loki is the epitome of mischievous. He plays pranks, both harmless and harmful (though never deadly or likely to seriously injure anyone), he pisses people off sometimes and loves it when he’s in the right mood. He’s quiet, brilliant, a good mastermind disguising himself as a dark one. He’s also hurt and angry and damaged by his adopted parents for all the lies and for them making him hate his own kind. He blames his on-again off-again self-loathing on Odin. He hates weakness in himself and others. It pisses him off, and when he’s pissy Thor has to handle him cause very few others are willing to put up with him. No one except Thor knows why Thor is willing to. But his brand of barbed sarcasm has come to be appreciated for what it is, his brand of humor. He’s usually calm, and Ba’ast has been a close friend of his since his first visit to Earth. He loves her dearly, but is not in love with her. He’s also befriended a young Dragonling named Draknir and his sister Slyphnir.