Name: Kurokei Nekomata
Gender: Female in her natural form, Male in her chosen human form, can change gender at will
Sexual Orientation: no preference
Age (appearance, not actual): generally she appears as a late teen-late twenties male, or a twenty-something female
Species: Nekomata, a sort of demon cat, basically a bake neko cat with a split tail that has supernatural abilities such as controlling spirits, shape-shifting into a human, and reanimating corpses by jumping over them.
Hair: Male: Short (down around his ears), black, spiky. Female: Long (back of her knees) silver, ponytail, slightly wavy
Eyes: Male: Blue Female: grey
skin-tone: pale
Weight: a bit less than average in human female form, average in human male form
Height: slightly short as a female, average as a male
Body: male: average, female: petite, small, fragile but breathtaking
Weapon(s): a sword, the ability to summon and control spirits
Markings: none
Jewelry: black velvet choker, in her female form a pendant with a piece of amethyst on it
Clothing styles: male: jeans, t-shirts, spikes, chains, hoodies, band shirts, whatever.
Female: light flowy clothing, mostly dresses, very ethereal, mystical stuffs, also Chinese style dresses and kimonos.
Make-up: female only, eyeshadow, lip gloss, in blues or violet or grey
Other form(s): in her cat form she has a split tail (one tail that splits into 2). Her fur is black and her eyes are silver
Turn-ons: none
Family: She has been adopted-ish by Ba’ast, though Ba’ast is more of a friend/sister than a parent
Relationships: none
Personality: Kurokei is mostly in her male human form. He is very playful and mischievous. He’s quiet and observes more than he participates, but he is sweet and has been known to cover sleeping housemates with blankets when they pass out on the couch. He dresses like a punk but he’s kind of shy, he can fight well enough but he’ll never be on the front lines. Mostly he just likes to prank the others in order to lift the spirits when the other Forgotten Ones are being Moody. He hears whispers from the spirits no matter what form she/he is in, though he rarely speaks of what he hears. He has a big heart and a sexy smirk.
In Kurokei’s female form she is very much like a mythical prophet, sometimes fading and flickering like a ghost, other times solid. Her hair always seems to be caught in a gentle supernatural breeze, and sometimes others near her can catch whispers of her spirits too. She likes to share those whispers if she thinks they’ll help anyone, but that’s not very often.
In her cat form Kurokei basically reverts to being a kitten. She’s playful and rambunctious, climbs on furniture and hides under beds, plays all sorts of pranks and loves to be petted and cuddled.