Kouki Raiken

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(( Art by Lady Caprinet for Kouki ))

Personal Data

xxxxxxRPC Full Name||Kouki Raiken
xxxxxxNicknames|| Kouki Hyuuga
xxxxxxAge|| 11
xxxxxxBirth Date|| March 3rd
xxxxxxHeight|| 4'8''
xxxxxxWeight|| 83lbs
xxxxxxPersonality|| Quick Witted, Pious and Shy
xxxxxxSexuality|| Straight
[Zen] – Kouki has a very calm, fateful demeanor to him. Kouki believes in the procession of fate, and that everything occurs as it does in the proper order of fate. This is not to say, however, that she believes that events are locked into stone. He has full belief in the ability that everyone has to change their own destiny. His belief is that fate is kind to the determined, and will change for them. At the end of every battle, no matter the result, he is content that fate had guided him there for a purpose. Even if he loses, Kouki still believes fate is as it should be, and that all he can do is learn from his mistakes.
xxxxxxEthinicy|| Korean

xxxxxxPersonal Skill|| Reading/Writing
xxxxxxFavorite Food||Fish!
xxxxxxFavorite Drink|| Strawberry Paraiso White Tea
xxxxxxLeast Favorite Food|| Squid.

xxxxxxLikes A good fight, Money, Fish and Tea
xxxxxxDislikes|| Squids, Octopuses, (Any kind of animal related to squid...), Fire, and snowy weather
xxxxxxHates|| Atheists

xxxxxx Strengths||
xxxxxxxxxxxx• Can change to any Class and gains the benefits and weaknesses
xxxxxxxxxxxx• Stopping Chakra flow of an Opponent
xxxxxxxxxxxx• Weaker than pure class counterparts
xxxxxxxxxxxx• Constantly shifting styles
xxxxxx Fears||
xxxxxxxxxxxx• Squid
xxxxxxxxxxxx• Closed Spaces

xxxxxx Relationships||
xxxxxx Family||

Shinobi Data

xxxxxx Village|| Konohagakure
xxxxxx Rank|| Chuunin (Result of Combat Games)

xxxxxx Ninja Class|| Bounty Hunter
xxxxxx Nindo|| "Playtime!"

xxxxxx Demon/Angel ||

xxxxxx Bloodline|| Hyuuga - Applied and Approved.
xxxxxx Clan || Raiken - Applied and Approved

xxxxxx Summoning Type|| (Chuunin rank only)
xxxxxx Summon Sage?|| (Chuunin rank only)

Shinobi Technique Data

xxxxxx Chakra Points 100
xxxxxx Chakra Color Green
xxxxxx Chakra Element||
xxxxxxxxxxxx1. Lightning
xxxxxxxxxxxx2. Water
xxxxxxxxxxxx3. Fire (Nin-Class Only)

xxxxxx Ninjutsu
xxxxxx Non-Elemental
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Kawarimi no Jutsu [Substitution Technique]
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Bushin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]

xxxxxx Lightning
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raikou Bunshin no Jutsu (Lightning Clone Technique) -D *Trained for all Classes*
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Teikou no Kuntou (Electricity Resistance Training) -D *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raiton: Raikou Boruto no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt Technique) -C *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raikou Henge no Jutsu (Lightning Transformation Technique) -C *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Dendou Hari Hirogari no Jutsu (Electric Needle Spread Technique) -B *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raiton: Raikou Hitofuki no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Lightning Blast Technique) -B *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raiton: Seiteki Chikara no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Static Force) -C *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Denki Hifu no Jutsu (Electric Skin Technique) -B *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Dendou Bakuhatsu no Jutsu (Electric Detonation Technique) -B *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raiton: Denshi no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Electron Technique) -C *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raiton: Yaiba no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Blade Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Dendou Kariyou no Jutsu (Electric Overdose Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Hikuhiku Eda no Jutsu (Twitching Limb Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raiton: Raikou Kousen no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Lightning Beam Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Shinkou Arashi no Jutsu (Rising Storm Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Rensa Raikou no Jutsu (Chain Lightning Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Dendou Kaitengi no Jutsu (Electric Gyroscope Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Yobigoe no Raikou no Jutsu (Call of Lightning Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Dendou Enmu no Jutsu (Electric Fog Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Inbikiri Seeji no Jutsu (Lightning Sage Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Kyuutai Tate no Jutsu (Sphere Shield Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raiton: Shichū Shibari (Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind)

Note: Jutsu with *'s are earned Auto's

xxxxxx Water
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Uo Tsuba (Fish Spit) (Tai & Nin) - E
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone Technique) (Tai & Nin) - E
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mizu Soujuu (Water Manipulation) (Tai & Nin) - E
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mizu Peretto (Water Pellet) (Tai, Gen and Nin - D
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mizutamari no Jutsu (Water Puddle Technique) (Nin & Tai) - D
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Suiton: Mizu Shuriken no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Shuriken Technique) ( Nin ) - D
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mizu Tate no Jutsu (Water Shield Technique) (Nin & Tai) - D
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Suiton: Abura Bushin no Jutsu (Water Release: Oil Clone Technique) (Nin) - D
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mizu no Yaiba (Water Sword) (Nin) - C
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mizutamari Yusuo no Jutsu (Water Puddle Transportation) ( Nin, Tai, Gen & Wep ) - C
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mizu no Yoroi (Water Armor) (Nin) - C
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Suiton: Fuuma Mizu Shuriken (Water Release: Evil Windmill Water Shuriken)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Suikusari no Jutsu (Water Chains Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mizuhada Bunshin No Jutsu (Water Body Clone Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Suirou no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Shark Blast Technique)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Gekiryuu Chikara (Raging River Force)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water Barrier)

xxxxxx Puppetry (Bounty Hunter: Puppeteer)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Kugutsu no jutsu (puppetry technique) -D *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Kugutsu Fukuwajutsu (Puppet Ventriloquism) -D *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Chakra String jutsu -C *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Invisible strings -C *
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Sōshūjin (Manipulating Attack Blades) -C *

Note: Jutsu with *'s are earned Auto's

xxxxxx Genjutsu {Bounty Hunter: Genjutsu)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mark of the Unfamiliar - D (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Through the Unfamiliar - D (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Sounding the Unfamiliar - D (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Touch of the Unfamiliar - D (Gen & Sam)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • The Burning Plains - C (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Mist Servents - C (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Hell Viewing - C (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Double Vision - C (Gen & Sam)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Drunken Sight - C (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Fake Blood - C (Gen & Sam)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Stupification - C (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Sly Mind Affect - B (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Tree Binding Death - B (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Double Surroundings - B (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Fake Chakra Power - B (Gen & Sam)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Instant Strike - B (Gen & Sam)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Inflict Emotion - B (Gen)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Chained Mind - B (Gen)

xxxxxx Raiken
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raikou Sao no Jutsu - Lightning Rod Technique - D (Usable for All Classes that apply)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Electric Net -C (Usable for All Classes that apply)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Raikou Sumiyaka no Jutsu - Lightning Speed Technique - C (Usable for All Classes that apply)

xxxxxx Hyuuga
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Air Palm (Usable for All Classes that apply)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • 64 Palms (Usable for All Classes that apply)
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Rotation (Usable for All Classes that apply)

xxxxxx Taijutsu
xxxxxx Mirror Image
xxxxxx Mastery Level|| Stage 1
xxxxxx Techniques Learned:
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Side Step -1
xxxxxxxxxxxx • Delayed Punch -1

Equipment Data

xxxxxx Headband Location|| Tied around arm
xxxxxx Headband Style|| Simple, medium length cloth
xxxxxx Headband Color|| White
xxxxxx Flak Jacket Style|| ----
xxxxxx Flak Jacket Color||
xxxxxx Kunai Holster Location|| Right leg
xxxxxx Kunai Holster Color|| Black
xxxxxx Shuriken and Bomb Holster Location|| Back right hip
xxxxxx Shuriken and Bomb Holster Color|| Black
xxxxxx Backpack Color|| Gray
xxxxxx Backpack Style|| One strap

xxxxxx Weapon|| Thunder Hands

xxxxxx Weapon Properties|| Not really a weapon as it is a trinket of sorts. A pair to be exact. The so-called thunder-hand is a device of two identical bracelets that responds to a Raiken's chakra as a sort of medium for chakra based attacks the user may use. The bracelets are a light silver color with blue spirals along the outside. On each one a dark blue sapphire rests mainly for decoration purposes. However the bracelets are made of a chakra reactive metal that's conductible by electricity as well. These bracelets 'awake' with 10 Chakra as the blue spirals glow slight with the chakra flowing into them and activates the bracelets to serve as a medium for the jutsu that are associated with them.) These jutsu that are associated only when these bracelets are awakened require no hand seals, only waves of the hands and gestures to 'channel' the energy while using the bracelets as a sort of medium. The other power the bracelets possess is the ability to serve as a lightning rod, to draw in surrounding lightning straight to the user to use as a catalyst for it's jutsu. However the lightning rod ability does not nullify any jutsu that may strike the user but it does redirect it (The Raiken ability cuts down the damage that comes into contact with the user, it doesn't eliminate it. I'm adding this ability for the jutsu that I'm going to create for this weapon). Any associated jutsu used while these bracelets are active require an additional 5 Chakra for the complex nature of the moves. The weapon will short out and become damaged when striking a water based attack or clone. This will also pose a danger to the user, however electrical shock is rarely a fatal incident due to the nature of the Raiken. Instead, the user receives a rather painful backfire and must repair the weapon, which due to the complicated design requires a delicate touch (10 posts to repair).

Summary of Weapon: Allows the use of lightning based jutsu and Raiken skills through the use of the bracelets. Eliminates the need for hand seals in addition to extra chakra cost.

Shinobi Combat Statistics

xxxxxx Missions Completed
xxxxxx S Rank||
xxxxxx A Rank||
xxxxxx B Rank||
xxxxxx C Rank||
xxxxxx D Rank||
xxxxxx E Rank||

xxxxxx Battles Fought
xxxxxx Fights Won||
xxxxxx Fights Lost||
xxxxxx Fights Tied||
xxxxxx Opponents Killed||

Other Data

xxxxxx Background History|| Kouki was born in the Hyuuga family with the Raiken blood of his father flowing in his veins. His abilities of the Hyuuga are currently unknown with his parents, drilling him from the age of eight and on up. The boy never specialized in any certain category, always failing to be adequate in a certain skill such as Ninjutsu or Weaponry. Due to his inexperience, Kouki's too fickle with his choices with a certain skill. Kouki lived with his parents like an average boy. His relationship with his family had always been shaky at best, yet at age twelve, he entered the academy.
xxxxxx Theme Song|| ------
xxxxxx Extra Stuff on Character||

Ryo: 100,000 Ryo (Prize money from Combat Games)