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Book of Nero
This is my journal. I am Nero! c:
Year Three, Don't Panic
There are still about 4 months left in this year, but it was abnormally cool today... the middle of August, it should be scorching outside, but it's 64 degrees right now =O
it brought back nostalgia, and Fall will be coming next. last Fall wasn't a good time for me, but i still can't wait for this Fall to come, because i want it to be different from last year. as a matter of fact, Fall 2012 and 2011 were BOTH miserable. it makes me worried.
this year will become the third year in 4 months. it will become year three... year one was amazing for the most part, this year has been kind of empty and miserable for the most part, and next year... i at least hope things will change. i'll make them change if they don't do it themselves. i'm not down at all, i'm doing great! as a matter of fact, I finished my very first book this year! and i'm very proud of it, and i'm also very proud of my newer books, too. also, the school year was just fine, and i have been going to the beach with friends like i did last year, ever since the weather warmed up. not to mention, this summer was great =P
still, i have to remind myself... i'll read these entires in the future, so this is for me-
last fall was the fall when i was listening to All Time Low's new Don't Panic album for the first time. doing cardio while listening to Backseat Serenade and The Reckless and the Brave, and If These Sheets Were the States. I was depressed for months because i was in love with a girl who kept me waiting in uncertainty. I listened to For Baltimore and it reminds me of her. i listened to alot of Owl City, which inspired me, and Rainbow Veins reminds me of her just like For Baltimore does. i listened to Rainbow Veins and Hello Seattle and Dental Care, Tip of the Iceberg... all of that stuff. i listened to the songs by Taking Back Sunday that goes "You quote the good book when it's convenient, but you don't have the sense, you don't have the sense to untie your tangled tongue- instead, you drag it through the mud". that song depressed me so much. i was listening to The Final Episode alot, by Asking Alexandria, and i listened to Darkness Surrounding and Eternal Rest by Avenged Sevenfold because the screaming got me pumped while doing cardio (running). i bred my Gible in Pokemon Black Version and named him Cappuccino. i was finishing House MD for the first time, i watched some of it with my brother. then, there was Rina and that pink snowy room with all the stuffed animals in it, that i have a picture of... and, the secret links deep within my Youtube inbox. i listened to the intro of Natural Born Killer by Avenged Sevenfold about a million times, because it got me super pumped. all of the Creepypasta- that was later in October, though. Lost Silver, Abandon Loneliness, and watching Yuriofwind videos. then she came back and we talked a bit. all of this was going on when TinierMe was still here, and i was playing TinierMe and messing around with the event, where I would get the Green Pumpkins and open them for items. i had my new account on TinierMe just for the two of us, named after a place in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. i watched my first PewDiePie video, and i thought he was hilarious. the Funny Montage that he had featured on his channel. i talked to a certain female after she came back, and believed things were okay up until around the beginning of Winter when she started leaving without a word again. TreeshroudForest's Room, I can still see it in my mind. Charming Tenshi, vamp.nyanpire, all of that depressing stuff. later in October, i tried to buy Pokemon Black Version 2, but someone stole the shipment of games that i was going to buy it from. i had to wait until they got another shipment, and then I finally got it... i nicknamed all my Pokemon =P
my Snivy was named Limepop and i caught a bunch of other Pokemon who i named cute stuff as well =P
i think it was before that, but i was watching Pokemon Creepypasta and it inspired me to write horror. it took me until 2013 to start writing Loneliness, but i did. after a while, the book was finished, and i am so proud of it... but, earlier than all this, i was watching The Big Bang Theory, which is probably the stupidest show i have ever watched (thanks to my brother for reccomending it to me) and i was playing Rage, which also sucked. Borderlands, which was a whole NEW LEVEL of SUCK was boring, and so i stopped playing it... all of this stuff, they're all things that i will read and then remember Fall 2012 with. because of all this that i've written, i will always have Fall 2012 on paper, and i will never forget... for better or worse.
it's been a few since i made a journal entry. i guess i just haven't felt like writing much these days- but i still love you guys, so, more awesome entries are on the way, from MoonSnowMouse =P
this one wasn't really the same, though... i wrote this for myself, because i will save all these entries and look back on them :3

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Aug 16, 2013 @ 02:10am
how i miss TinierMe back in the good old days

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