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Stories and junk.
Enjoy, if ya can. c:
SuperstarsXXX, Jealousy - Chapter One

Naoto groaned, rolling around in his bed and getting wrapped up inside of his covers. He was covered in sweat, and a deep red blush covered his face. “Stupid...” He mumbled, sitting up and unwrapping himself from the covers.
Time had passed, and it’s been three month since he moved there. He had developed a crush on his neighbor, Yoshio. Stupid, stupid Yoshio Chiba, he would say. He joined choir and was getting mostly straight A’s. But, that just wasn’t enough to make him happy. He wanted Yoshio. For some odd reason he couldn’t understand. But, Yoshio has been seeing a girl lately. Naoto was rather upset when Yoshio came to him for advice about the ladies. Naoto told him about what happened in Korea before they moved, and the fact that he was gay.
Yoshio surprising wasn’t freaked out or stunned in any way. He acted as he normally would. Which made Naoto even more upset, also making him want him more.
Naoto covered his face, sighing deeply. He stood to go to the bathroom, undressing to take a shower. He looked down to the right side of his stomach, looking at the bruise. It was almost gone, but it was still there. It was hard hiding, it still being summer and he swam a lot with his parents, Yoshio, and Yoshio’s parents. But, he managed.

“C’mon, hurry and take the picture!” Naoto told Yoshio, sitting in a tree. They went hiking together to get away from their parents.
“Alright.” Yoshio chuckled, snapping a few pictures of him then a couple of him posed. “Come on, jump down.” He said, putting his arms out the catch him. He grunted quietly as Naoto landed in his arms. He wrapped his arms around him and laughed softly.
“Thanks.” Naoto said, trying to get out of his grip.
“Uh-uh.” Yoshio grinned. He picked him up, throwing him over his shoulder.
Naoto sighed softly. He wondered how he could be this strong. He was shifted by Yoshio, falling back more. He glared.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“You’ve got a hole in your leggings now.” Yoshio told him, slapping his leg.
“What the ******** what that for?” He asked, reaching back and slapping him across the face. He was wearing leggings, a skull print muscle tee, and boots. He heard Yoshio laugh and he was stood on his feet again. “You’re so cute.” He heard after.
Naoto blushed slightly and turned around, sighing deeply. He took Yoshio’s hand and pulled him along on the walk. ‘What an idiot. I just want to kill him...’ He thought to himself.

Naoto looked out of his window, sighing. That girl was so lucky to have a guy like him. He was too good for that girl, Naoto thought. He was a good guy, but she cheats on almost every guy she’s dated. All she wants out of a man is their money or her pleasure.
Naoto laid down, groaning rather loudly.
He rolled over, sitting up. He went to his desk, sitting down. He took a pen and pulled out his note-book deciding to study a bit. School wasn’t far away and he still had free time while Yoshio dated the girl and had no time for him. His feeling of jealousy would never go away considering Yoshio would probably never date him. Even then, if it did happen, he would feel extremely jealous of all the girls who would want him and possibly even be the one he cheated with. Naoto smacked himself in the head, not wanting to think about anymore. But, that’s the only thing he could think about. Yoshio. He thought about him so much, he could barely concentrate on the simplest of things. He was sick of it. Yoshio made him feel so pathetic and lonely. He felt like dirt when that girl was around. He felt like a third wheel when they all hung out. He was sick of her. He wanted to get rid of her, to have Yoshio all to himself.
Naoto held his head, breathing heavily. He picked up the note-book and threw across the room, starting to cry. He had never felt so angry and upset this way before. He held his head with both hands now, feeling a migraine coming. He just couldn’t take it.
“That b***h.” He whispered to himself.

At dinner time, Naoto violently chopped the carrots, onions, and green-pepper. He was still angry, very angry. Now he couldn’t get the subject off of his mind. He chopped and chopped, throwing the knife down roughly and making marks all around the cutting board. His mother walked by, raising an eyebrow.
“Honey, what’s wrong?” She asked, putting her arms around him in a hug.
“Nothing. Just go watch TV or something.” Naoto told her.
“You sure you don’t want help with dinner?” His mother asked.
Naoto nodded and she left after getting a drink from the fridge.

Yoshio sighed softly “Asuka...” He said as the girl tried to climb on top of him with only her underwear to cover her body. She kissed him a few times.
“C’mon. We did it once, why not a second time?” She pouted
“Because...” Yoshio said, moving his head and blocking the next peck.
“‘Because’ why?” She asked, giving him a dirty look. After a few seconds and Yoshio didn’t answer, Asuka fit him in the chest and stood up, getting dressed.
“It didn’t feel right. There was no love in it...” Yoshio told her, looking to her.
Asuka paused for a second, turning her head to the side and looking at him. She went back to what she was doing, pulling her jeans up and buttoning.
“******** you...” She said to him before leaving.
Yoshio exhaled deeply, putting his hands on his head and closing his eyes.

Naoto jumped slightly, hearing a loud bang at the door. He stood, swinging the door open to see Yoshio glaring. He looked at him, confused.
“Come on.” Yoshio said, turning around to walk to his car
“Where are we going?” Naoto asked, getting his coat.
“Somewhere...” Yoshio said.
“Where?” Naoto asked a second time.
“You’ll find out, no worries.” Yoshio said, getting in his car.
Naoto got in after him, buckling up. He looked to Yoshio who hadn’t gotten buckled, frowning. He got comfortable, turning on the radio and slouching in his seat.
Yoshio looked over to him, quickly looking back to road as he drove.

As they got to their destination, Naoto turned to Yoshio, glared at him.
“Why?” He asked.
“Why?” Yoshio copied.
“Why did you bring me here?”
“To sing.” Yoshio got out
Naoto sighed deeply, climbing out of the car and slamming the door. He looked at Yoshio who was standing on the other side of the car, also looking at him. He walked around the car and past him, going into the karaoke club. Yoshio walked in with him, leading him to the stage.
“Sing.” He said, pushing him up the stairs.
Naoto sighed softly, walking over. The song Whore by In This Moment played and he started to sing.
Once he was finished singing and panting, he stepped off of stage and went over to Yoshio, sitting with him. He stared at him, trying to hold back all that he wanted to tell him. It was hard. He was to burst with everything he held. He fidgeted with his hoodie sleeve, looking around the club, frowning again.
“You really put some feeling into it. Looked like you were having a break down.” Yoshio told him. He smiled kindly at him.
Naoto looked back.
“Um...yeah. I’ve just been holding back a lot of feelings. It really gave me relief...” He mumbled, still fidgeting with his hoodie sleeve. Thoughts of what he could say raced through his mind, but he couldn’t find a single sentence that made sense or wasn’t of his feelings. He looked up to Yoshio, a frown plastered across the other boys face. After seeing that, Naoto also frowned again, sighing deeply. He watched Yoshio carefully as he looked around the room.
“I...please, take me home now...” He said quietly, looking away.
Yoshio sighed softly, standing. He walked over to Naoto, waiting for him to follow.
Naoto stood from the table and quickly walked out of the door, ignoring Yoshio. He couldn’t take it anymore. It was extremely annoying being around him without being able to tell him what he feels. The thoughts raced through his mind again and he was distracted from where he was going and ended up bumped into a man outside.
“I-i’m so sorry.” He said, backing away.
“No, it’s alright. You’re just the person I was looking for.” The man smiled.
Naoto looked at him, confused.
“I heard you singing, and it was brilliant. Have you ever wanted to be famous?” The man asked him, the smile still stuck to his face.
“I guess so, when I was little.” Naoto said, nervously.
“Well, here’s my card. Call any time.” The man said and walked off.
Yoshio came over, watching the man walk off.
“What was that?” He asked Naoto, looking down at him and seen he was smiling widely.
Naoto turned to him, giggling like a child and jumped up, hugging Yoshio tightly.
“Look at this!” He said, showing Yoshio the card.
“A talent agency...?” Yoshio read, taking it from him. “Wow.”
“I know, right?” Naoto said, jumping up and down.
“Calm down.” Yoshio chuckled.
Naoto giggled again, fist pumping. He took the card and got inside the car. Yoshio followed after when Naoto barked at him to get in and drive him home.

“Wow...” Hana, Naoto’s mother said while looking at the card.
“This cannot be real.” Ken, his father said.
Naoto was still jumping and Yoshio had to hold him down.
“It’s so awesome, isn’t it?!” Naoto asked.
“Yes. It is. But...I’m not sure if we could allow you to do this, son.” Ken said, frowning.
“Sure we can, honey. It’s fine.” Hana said. “We’ll call tomorrow.”
Naoto smiled, running over to his mother who was sitting on the couch and hugged her.
“Thank you, thank you!” He said excitedly.

About three years later, Naoto was in the singing business. He wasn’t quite popular now, but his future is a mystery. He could become one of the most famous.
They were in the middle of a photoshoot.
Naoto walked over to Yoshio who had come with him. “Want to help me?” He asked, smiling sweetly. He took Yoshio’s hand, giggling softly. “C’mon.” He said.
Yoshio had no choice but to help. He was surprised when Naoto had pushed him onto his back and got on top him, grinning at him.
“You should never trust me. Have you learned nothing?” Naoto asked. He leaned in, licking Yoshio’s face. Once finished, he laughed softly and got off of him. “How was that?” He asked the photographer who gave him a thumbs up.

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