What will I be remembered for?
I have done things I am proud of in my life but deep down there is a sense of turmoil and pain like my life has been wasted.
What will I be remembered for?
I feel like a stain on everyones mind that needs to be wiped clean, what have I done that would make anyone proud of me the once lively smile that used to be so natural is now "painted" on like an object that doesnt belong.
I have asked God
whats my plan?
whats my purpose?
but i never get an answer from ONE who knows all.
I feel like Im in Hell but these flames are far too small an ember if you will to the truly horrific blaze tha awaits one such as I.
The suffering has started to replace the peace I used to know.
I used to be happy but as they say ignorance is bliss for I had not seen the world for what it truly was a disgusting, wretched place.
So when the hour of darkness has arrived and I slip into that forever goodnight
What will I be remembered for?