Hey, everyone! I'm sure most of you are going to start school soon, or are already in school. Today is my very last day of summer vacation. I can't believe how swift it was, but then again, every summer vacation I've had goes by swiftly. Though I wish I did some stuff I planned on doing before school ended, I had a pleasant summer. The trip to Chicago I had last weekend really made up for it, and I hope to go there again. Due to the schedule I have this year (including freaking vocational school), I won't be online as long as I was during the summer. sad

As you can see, Enjoyable Dream is already in her school garb and is ready to skip through the school hallways! whee She's been waiting to put this on for quite some time, as her and I love school uniforms! During the weekends, she'll be in her regular summer garbs or whatever season garb it is. I'm going to pretend Chibi Sonic, Tomoe, and Sonic are in uniforms, too. xp

Well, that's all for now, so until then, enjoy your dreams (*is too busy to add the Spanish version.)