gonk redface

My heart turned into pieces,
My chest hurt all the times,
My eyes keep blinking and getting red,
But what could I done?

When I know you like her,
My confession fall apart,
I`m brave myself to not thinking about you,
But you keep repeating in my mind.

And last summer when I walk along the river,
I saw you with her laughing,
And then I started to realize,
My tears started to flow away.

I stop at the distance,
Clench my chest and keep say there's nothing,
When I look up through the sky,
I saw you looking down on me.
I started to running away,
Hope that you never run after me,
And when I look back behind.

You there`s smiling at me.
You shouted that
'' I LIKE YOU'' heart

emotion_jawdrop MY GOSH~~!!!! redface