Hexagram Spread:

1. Past: XVII The Star: Normal Position
You are blessed with optimism, inspiration and a zest for change, happiness and fulfilled dreams.
MEANING: This card symbolizes the realization of dreams, of hope and of new life. It brings healing from the chaos and encourages you to take up the opportunities that drift into your realm be they love, money or a job. Be thankful for the chance to start afresh with clarity and happiness and the optimism that shines ahead.

2. Present: VI The Lovers: Normal Position
the charms of love attach themselves to you, and you can sense that good luck is winging its way to you.
MEANING: This card indicates the beginning of love and the arrival of good luck. Happiness and sparkle clothe this new love, for which one need not search for it will come to you. This card brings a surge of sexual attraction which may also become the simple charm of love.

3. Future: XVIII The Moon: Normal Position
This is a warning that all is not how it seems. Take care to rationalize a situation before you proceed.
MEANING: This card symbolizes complexity and perhaps deceit. it may mean that one feels disillusionment in a situation, that you yourself or another are not being honest. You have become so tied up in your own emotions that you are no longer able to see clearly. There can be confusion and strong emotion.

4. Environment: XIX The Sun: Normal Position
It is time for success, happiness and fulfilled dreams.
MEANING: This card symbolizes the coming of happiness, success and contentment. Problems become clearer and solutions are found. People come together and it is a time of fun-loving and optimism. One accepts people for who they are. A relationship may begin and blossom with the possibility of marriage on the horizon.

5. Unconscious: III The Empress: Normal Position
The richness of your feminine charm brings the possibility of love or marriage closer to you.
MEANING: This card symbolizes of feminine charm and devotion. Feelings for love, marriage and family are deepening. The person feels perfect contentment and a desire for a bright future. It means that one gives more emotion and passion to life than thought. She also means wealth and luck.

6. Solution: VIII Strength: Reverse Position
it is acceptable to compromise in order to choose a manageable path rather than choose one with endless challenge.
MEANING: This card indicates that a person may feel doubt and a lack of trust in hope in themselves and their abilities to face their problems. As a result the person may want to just walk away from the situation. Emotions may take over and negativity may influence the thinking mind and heart.

7. Conclusion: X Wheel of Fortune: Reverse Position
Even if there is misfortune, it eludes you because you cant control the situation its unavoidable.
MEANING: This card indicates that an unavoidable occurrence arises. It may not be for the best. Perhaps a misunderstanding between two persons, somebody being patronized. The situation may deteriorate but its not the fault of the person, it is just the way the luck has fallen.