Eheh. So it looks like there have been people who have seen my journal entries, about 30 or so. If you are people i know. I'm sorry you hadda read all that <w>~ For people i dont know, thank you for reading ow o

My current situation: im just stressed about shiz. School, friends and all that. Oh and apparently im a starseed. But when i really think about it. Being a starseed doesnt really matter. As long as im a good person trying to make the world a better place, im doing a starseeds work.
But it pretty much explains why im always so sensitive all the time. I read somewhere that being a starseed means i have to live life more intensely. So i have to deal with my anxiety and issues. I guess if anyone just asks me while im in the middle of a panic attack "woah rachel whats wrong with you?"
"Oh, i'm a starseed." Yeah, thats normal.
"It means i have alien DNA and im just not used to earth."
Hah, im totally not crazy. I mean it actually all makes sense to how i was as a child, most of the symptoms of a starseed i have. I mean i get this nostolgic feeling about circles and triangles and some kind of deep meaning that we are all connected. I guess it has something to do with being a starseed but whatever. Maybe other kids in my school who were told they are a starseed feel the same and will understand whats going on in my head. -shrug- Oh well. Hope this year turns out to be fun and not as stressful as i think it will be.