hey buddy, how have you been lately. there are a couple of things that i had hoped happen to/for you: finding friends and getting a long with them; eating properly; doing well with your art on deviantart; found a boyfriend that strenthens all of your hopes/dreams. idk if im being selfish right now trying to keep this one person conversation going. i keep having all of these doubts about all this, like if you'll ever read these letters, wanting to be friends with me again. i think that its because i doubt everything that it gives me hope of me being wrong of my second guessing. i think that the doubts makes me want to believe that there's something more 2 the story than how it turned out in the past. i might be just lying to myself now, but it gives me hope.

its close2 the end of the summer and im not ready for school! im at least happy that i should be graduating as of next spring. what im worried about now is how i will endure the classes till the end of spring... + im a bit scared as 2 what i should be doing aft i graduate. i could try 2 apply 2 uw but that means like 4000 like quarters and i dont make that kind of money... if im going to continue nursing i'd probably have2 apply2 bellevue college for the nursing program or go2 pima to get things done im not sure. + i need 2 make time 2 volunteer/job shadow a place before i settle in. it isnt want i wanted - becomming a cook aft cordon bleu - but its something to do with my life and knwing me im always trying to lend a hand. i just wish that im redy for what comes next.... but in the mean tie my summer's been nothing but work, let downs, and friends. i got a new phone so im happy about it biggrin if you happen to want to talk 2 me, msg me for my # then i'd be more than happy to tell you. i can only wish that i can slowly, but surely start providing for myself and become more independent. what sucks for me now is that i still dont have my drivers liscense... but im working on it! im attempting the written test this weekend and then schedule a driving test at some point before the end of thsi month, i really need to know how2 drive before i start my 3rd yr of college sad it'd make a lot of things mroe convinient. tho it'd mean i'd lose a lot of mony just feeding my car lol.

the 13th will be me and my girlfriends 4th aniversary biggrin 4 years of being together is something i didnt expect of myself. i think i've told you how growing up i thought no one would wanna be around me, let a lone 4 the rest of their lives. im happy that i've met your kind of people that tollerated/accepted me for who i was.

i hope everythings well for u buddy

- Wtphu