Grayson Everton

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                take a seat...

                ✰ my name is xxxxxxxxx
                  Grayson Jerico Everton.

                ✰ i was born on xxxxxxxxx
                  January Second.

                ✰ i am xxxxxxxxx
                  Thirty Seven?

                ✰ i weigh xxxxxxxxx
                  Two Hundred and Fifty Three.

                ✰ i'm this many feet xxxxxxxxx
                  Six Feet Seven Inches.

                ✰ i look like xxxxxxxxx

                care for a cup of tea?

                ✰ my past xxxxxxxxx
                  Grayson was born into the church. His father was a Judge and his mother an Assassin. It was, for the most part, unheard of for members of the Church to fratenize with one another, however on extended deployments during wich small teams were dispatched to remote locations across the Empire, it was not unheard of for bonds to form during that time. The Higher ranking Judges never discouraged such behavior, rather utilized this backdrop as a hope to create more devout future members. A handfull of Church younglings were raised in the doctrines and ways of the Church, prepared for their lives within the organization, to take up their own mantle in one of the many classes available to them. For Grayson, there was no path except that of a Judge.
                  His abilities manifested at a very young age, as he seemed to command an uncommon strength and high tolerance for pain. The boy seemed to have moments when he seemed feral, wild, like an animal when locked in combat. The more he utilized his powers, the more unstable he became. As a result, many Judges held shaky confidence in the boy until an elder set his hands upon the young Churchling and in that instant, found a terrifying power within him. Something about Grayson frightened the Elder to the point he set a special seal upon the boy, praying a blessing over him of an everlasting peaceful soul. The elder never once revealed just what it was he saw in the boy in all his years and a confused Grayson went about his path towards his destiny. Though a calm, controlled focus remained over him each time he unleashed his abilities. Combat was a finely tuned science to Grayson as each move came more fluid and natural to him. His strength was a tool, not just a raw force driving his attacks. The Wild Child was no more. The Judges training Grayson were pleased and gave him positive marks across the board.
                  On his first assignment, Grayson was dispatched with a single Judge to a remote location in the Empire. A village saw it fit to declare their independance from the Empire, claiming to be too far out of the Dictator's reach to ever be taken seriously as part of his kingdom. The offense was unexcusable and the Church demanded that this Sin be answered for. A small village should have been no problem for the Judge, even with a protege.
                  Grayson was the soul survivor of the mission. The event was never clearly recorded on official Church Records, but the facts read that the Pair were confronted by a demon, the same demon which had spurred the Village into rebelling against the Holy organization. This demon fell to Grayson's hand after slaying the Village and the Judge during the Chaos of battle.
                  The truth behind the incident were actually much different. There was, in fact, a demon present at the Small rebelling Village and it had slayed all those present save the young rookie, simply because the demon WAS that boy. The true form of Grayson's form came forth as his superior demanded Grayson purify the Village under his supervision. The intensity of fighting so man opponents simultaneously drew out Grayson's powers to a degree that his true form was revealed, a massive beast which ravaged the men and women of the village. Believing the boy to be posessed, the Judge attempted to slay Grayson, who acted out in his own defense and managed to defeat the Judge. When faced with the decision of killing the Judge, or sparing his life, Grayson knew that if the truth of his power were to be exposed, Grayson would be killed for the greater good of the church. In an act of self preservation the mighty beast ripped the Judge's head from his shoulders.
                  Grayson focused all of his attention of containing the beast within him, of honing his skills while maintaining a human form, believing the Beast within to be a curse. Eventually Grayson was promoted to the rank of a Judge at the age of twenty, the youngest in history. He led fearlessly and quelled countless rebellions in the earliest years of the Church's operation on behalf of the Dictator. However as time drew on, his dedication and devotion to the Doctrines earned him great praise as he was moved up the ladder, but the decision that won him a seat among the highest ranking members of the church came much later. In time, he came to embrace his inner beast, utilizing it whenever he had the opportunity. Solo missions and when isolated from his comrades.
                  Grayson had always appriciated the benefits of technology and science. He'd hoped to see the ranks of Judges filled much more quickly by capable, powerful soldiers much like himself. He introduced the idea of using science to transfer his abilities to other Soldiers who showed significant promise, though the risk that these warriors may also carry the same carnal fury Grayson's beast did remained. He ignored the risk and concealed the threat, proceeding to create Project Spawn, a predecessor to the Project Apostle which birthed such Judges as Iscariot and Xavok.
                  Project Spawn, however, was a terrible failure. Each of the subjects were trans mutated into horrible beasts of various forms. Abominations far more hideous than the Undying, however never once did Grayson have these subjects disposed of, instead he locked them away into containment. When questioned about the cause of the failure, Grayson confessed to his leaders, declaring aloud to the Supreme Judges he was a monster himself, proceeding to transform into his own beast form. The Supreme Judges were terrified and apauled, however as Grayson demonstrated a clear mind and devout loyalty to the Church, offering his own life if demanded of him, the leadership saw no threat in Grayson, and instead forgave him his sins, declaring he and his creations to be Holy beasts, gifts from the Holy Force which granted all of them their abilities and rewarded his loyalty, allowing him to join their ranks as a Supreme Judge as well.
                  Grayson rebuilt Project Spawn into the well oiled machine that was Project Iscariot, turning over its command to capable hands as soon as the kinks were worked out and positive results were produced.
                  Grayson was also the first to unearth the prophecy spoken among the civilians of the Core Posessors and remaining Undying left intact. Grayson kept the information for himself, realizing that the church had failed to eradicate those abomination years ago, and instead followed the legend closely, waiting for the day this supposed prophecy could come true. It was under Grayson's watchful eye that the signatures within Monte Riviera were discovered. It was with Grayson's leadership that the Fortress there was revealed to be the primary decommissioning point for the Undying and singled out as the most likely resting place for these remnants. And it was Grayson's order that prevented the Prophecy from being intervened upon, simply for his own satisfaction of killing one of the Legendary Undying himself. He knew that for the people to see the church save them from these evil machines would restore their faith in the organization and change the overall sentiment for the oppressive Church. And so he has waited, patiently, for the day to come for the church to deliver the civilians from evil once again.

                  ✰ my persona xxxxxxxxx
                    Grayson is incredibly casual considering his very commanding Rank. Supreme Judges are typically arrogant and demanding of respect, resentful and ill tempered towards those who do not pay them that respect. However Judge Grayson behaves as nothing more than another soldier. His respect comes with the knowledge that he could easily tear the limbs from any disrespectful grunt who dares insult him. His legend in itself is enough to warrant respect, therefore he feels no need to inflate his ego.
                    Grayson is ellusive and enigmatic. Never telling anyone all the facts, or the reasons behind his choices, he simply does what he feels is most appropriate in any given situation and explains himself to no-one.

                ✰ i side with xxxxxxxxx
                  The Church.

                ✰ my abilities xxxxxxxxx
                  Grayson commands emmense physical strength. It has been said that he could break bones with his strikes and if given enough time, could level a building with his bare hands. Of course, these are just rumors, right? Well parralleling the legends of his strength, Grayson has said to have an uncanny tollerance for pain, able to fight through crippling blows and shake them off despite injury, of course the damage to his body is still present, Grayson can stomach the pain extremely well.
                  Most terrifying among Grayson's abilities is his gift of transforming into a massive Seven foot tall Beast the creature's strength and resilience is unparalleled by any human and is capable of tearing entire building's apart. While enough trauma and abuse is capable of punishing this Juggernaut over time, the stories circulating Grayson's beast form are terrifying at best.


                ✰ mastahhh xxxxxxxxx