Friends can be nice to you, can be mean or just plane STUBBORN. I myself have some stubborn friends. I wont mention there name(s) but they live in my neighbor hood. Just to throw it out there. I invited them out to go somewhere and one of them where just plane stubborn and didn't want to move. (literally) When i say didn't want to move you don't know what i mean. It's different. I was mad there were stubborn. I wanted to YELL. scream Maybe next time I wont even call them at all. (well invite them somewhere). If they talk to me they will talk to the hand Well maybe that's to much. pfff. Well I'm just glad i have friends who care and are there for me! Sometimes we might do embarrassing thing redface sweatdrop but they keep the secret. Hopefully. Sometimes friends fight and hurt friends feelings but they always become friends in the end. Unless you and your friend are people who are fighting over something dum or big and you people have no idea what the heck friendship is. Well if you are like that then CHILL exclaim cool . Friends will fight but always become friends in the end. Remember that. emotion_hug

With lots of love,
CleoCatour (TigerLilly521) gaia_diamond