Oh my god. That anime... Ami was so hot. That is like, a spot-on match of what kind of girl is my type. Taiga is adorable and cute and funny :'3
Ryuuji is awesome! >=O He kind of reminds me of myself in some aspects, and that's why I loved this anime so much =P Kitamura is cool, too! Kushieda is adorable, I loved her from the very beginning :'3
Inko-chan is Ryuuji's pet parakeet, and i love him, too xP Their teacher is another one of the recurring but not very important characters that makes you love her =P
Haruta is one of the awesomest characters! xD I remember thinking the whole time i was watching "Since everyone treats him like the class idiot, he should totally get married to an extremely cute girl in like, the future... a babe." and then he's seen walking around with his hot girlfriend! ;D
Ryuuji's mother, Yasuko, she is so cute =P The second ending theme is so emotional TT^ TT
It's like a mixture of happiness and emotion that makes you want to cry at the end of the anime ;/w//;
I-I didn't cry, I swear to god... ;/w//;

Aug. 10th, 2013, 4:00 am, I loved that anime, and I have to rewatch it someday, because I miss all of them already ;w;