It was a brisk Toronto night, snow masking the ground, as though the sky had splattered white paint onto a black canvas. A useless effort, as during Toronto's winters, snow is about as effortless to find as air. On Lambert Row, a collection of beige and pewter-colored condominiums, all with an seven arranged and equidistant windows as well as generously-sized lawns, a clamor could be heard from inside the third house to the right.

One could not tell the difference between the whipping of the wind and the screaming inside. On the interior, a living room painted with eggshell brown and cream, lined with portraits and electronics, a young man, no older than seventeen years old, recovered from falling into the coffee table, with a large red hand mark on his face. This young man was a mulatto, with dark brown freckles spreading from cheek to cheek, confining their reach between the top and bottom of the bridge of his nose. He had bright orange hair, which he had strangely inherited from neither his mother nor his father. He would always dress formally, normally in maroon-colored clothing and a scarf. His heterochromia gave him eyes of different color; gray on the right, green on the left. A whining sound distored his hearing, tears leaking from his wide eyes.

Looming above him were his parents, a burly, hairy, African-American man named Jason, and a surly, Caucasian woman named Katherine. Not far behind them, the two screaming words he couldn't make out, was his brother, four years younger, named Romeo, nicknamed Bone, due to his dog-like loyalty and demeanor. Bone had always looked up to Humphrey, that is, the young man with identity in question, and was able to confide in him his deepest secrets, including his newfound bisexuality. Bone had found this a hard truth to realize, and in return, Humphrey had given his younger brother his secret, that he is a homosexual. And now this secret of his, which Bone had accidentally released to their parents, was the cause of this conflict. Humphrey, of course, would not release Bone's secret. In spite of the amplifier-like, derogatory screaming, his gaze was on Bone's wide, teary eyes. Eyes that spoke the words, "I'm sorry."

Disowned, that's what Humphrey was. His parents were devout Catholics, opposed to homosexuality entirely. They wanted him out of the house as soon as possible. Being nearly a year early into school, he was able to finish high school at eighteen. Before then, he was stripped of nearly everything. Electronics, warm clothes, his country club job, 24/7 food privileges. Upon his graduation, his parents had filed a restraining order against him. Luckily, however, not Bone. But they would definitely keep Bone near at all times so that Humphrey could not "poison his mind". Humphrey was evicted with $100 and a suitcase full of clothes.

It was two days after his eviction. Humphrey had rented a motel room and necessary foods, but he was running low on funds. He had gone out for a walk to think about his next course of action, stopping at a pharmacy to pick up a nudie magazine to quell his loneliness. When flirting, he seemed to have the sex appeal of a brain-damaged walrus, but when being flirted with, he appeared to be a sparkling idol of lust. When he had left the pharmacy, he headed back to the motel while reading the magazine and pushing his hand down in his jacket pocket to hide the rigor in his black jeans. He was halted by a blonde-dreadlocked man who had groped his bottom. As he wheeled around to punch the groper, the man caught his fist and flicked out a hundred dollar bill. After a short explanation, Humphrey was about to walk away, but found that he could not refuse such an offer. The two returned to his bedroom where Humphrey had answered the call of a customer of the night, a frown across his face the entire time.