It's hard to believe from a stranger's point of view that all my time goes to my family, work, and therapy but it is true. Wednesday mornings I go to therapy then in the afternoon to evening I work. I tend to work three weekdays then every other weekend. Before work I am usually sleeping in till like 8:30. And after work I have dinner/family time. I help my mom prepare whatever it is or I eat around them so we can talk. Every now and then we watch a show together or a movie but not that often. I go to my room and spend maybe 2 or 3 hours alone where I play on the computer or whatever. By the end of that time it is time to go to sleep because it is 12. I really don't have much time.

Today at work there has been almost no one here. I did well this morning with completing all the route bags within an hour and I've been reading a lot. But, we had two angry customers too and THEY WERE ALL BECAUSE OF THE NEW GIRL. She was told that he would fix his pants somewhere else, instead she charged him so we would fix it. She gave the receipt to another customer whose shirt was not a normal shirt but the tuxedo shirt, and when he saw the changed prices he refused to pay. I want to cry so bad. He would not budge and it is my JOB to get him to pay. I couldn't. I can't. I can't be that bad person who denies him his clothes because he won't pay. I tried to appease him like I did with the other guy but he would still not budge. Gods, I'm tearin' up again. Shoot. The other guy paid once I took 5 bucks off from the not needed 6 dollar charge. But the tux guy paid his original price and I have to explain to my bosses when they show up.

I'm just so done. I want to stop investing my emotions into this and go camping already. I need to get away. I have one more hour till I am gone. One more ******** hour. I just really need this vacation with my family.