The summer air was hot and his cold fingers was like the rain I've been grieving for. As if on cue, flinches of brown had flew over to our porch. As if the gods where enough, to watch this parade of these endless fits go on.
But of course, the show must go on.
His cold rough hands touched my shoulder as his body leaned in closer. I lay beneath this stranger of a lover. I look away to the side, expressionless, unto the wood floor panels that had pointed to me like the walls of a highway tunnel. As if my own home had knew my fate.
The man whispered my name into my ear as he moved down to kiss the skin beneath my chin. Repeating words of love that echoed inside my empty heart.
He moved his rough bony palms down against my silk robe, from my waist to my hips. I raised my head to face him with my lifted hands caressing the disguise of all my troubles with something so ancient.
Those eyes, reminds me of sweet caramel melting in my mouth as they moved with sparkle and a hue of the earth itself.
"Those eyes of yours are so enticing. Are those the one that you revealed to bewitch the hearts of those young maidens?" I spoke smoothly.
He shook his head.
"No, no, my love. I only lust for the heart and affection that you provide." This man didn't even had the honesty to say it with the even the slightest glance of his eyes. His hands had did more honest things that these words.
My lip twitched at the insolence of this man and it broke into a hysterical laughter.
"Oh, my! That was a good one!"
He leaned his head to the side and scrunched his brows in a questionable gesture.
I went on.
"You! You say such things to me and touch me in such ways when I can smell the scent of another maiden, practically radiating off you?!"
I felt my heart stir as my hands shook with such anger against his cheek. I pulled it back and suddenly enraged at the thought of this lewd man. Then to violated his identity with the slap across his face.
The flinches had flew away at the echo of my violence.
I stood up and adjusted my silk dress as it had hanged in a immodest way.
"You're infatuated with the idea of the love and me, together. But your lust had left you only distasteful in the eyes of the one you desire."
My eyes wavered with my heart as the man I had loved, cried.