I laughed solemnly into a leather seat that felt way too comfortable. I smiled as everyone plays along with my attitude and jokes. I started to wonder why anyone couldn't see through my facade? Or maybe this "facade" or parade of spontaneous actions and words that had rode merrily over this depressing road I've lived on?
I bitterly laugh inside every time I think about it.
How pathetic creatures had we become.
What ever happened to that quiet soul dwelling in that pale body?
The one that made ends meet, with a silent diligence that nobody noticed.
Oh that's right.
Nobody noticed her.
That's what started the evil seed inside her heart that greedily grief the girl of herself.
That had kill the innocence of a young girl.
But isn't that the cost of everyday society, anyhow?

All the same, maybe she wasn't important.
Since at the start of ever ponder of the missing girl-the thoughts are vague.
What's so important if you don't remember it?
Maybe this is the time when we start to accept ourselves for the beings we aren't and are.
That maybe always wanting what you don't have is forgetting what you already have.
Which is-more important.