Name: Koraj Varanger

Appearance: Koraj

Race: Human

Age: 37

Skills: Years of sailing the seas have given him a powerful sense of direction, and his natural explorative nature have left him feeling never 'lost', as he always seems to know which way to go. His childhood has 'blessed' him with the knowledge of how to survive rather well on both limited supplies and only what he finds, putting him just as comfortable in the wilds as civilization.

Though not trained to fight professionally for soldiering or sport, Koraj has some know-how of how to use the Axe, seeing it more as a tool than a weapon. Though not an experienced blacksmith, he managed to forge a decent axe himself after loaning a friend's smithy for the process.

Behavior: A large and muscled man of brash action with little thought, Koraj sees himself as a simple man and admits that he is probably a fool. He tries to see the best in people and imagines a world much different from that he lives in, and most of his actions tend to be in a vain attempt to change things. Despite his attempts at civility, the rough and tumble life he lived leads him to be seen as 'wild' and 'untamed', two words he dislikes association with.

Personality: Bold; Honest; Occassional depression; idealistic; Honorbound.


Bermin Varanger, a wild man who cared little for civilization, moves him and his wife out to a forest far away from any city or intelligent life, raising seven children here. Koraj is one of the four who survived, three perishing to the wildlife.

While living with the family, Koraj began to grow sick of the trees. Standing at the highest limbs that could support the wild man, he began to dream of the ocean and roaming it.

Struck out towards civilization, wanting to explore the seas instead of the woods. Became a sailor and sailed for another 18 years, having worked fishing crews and merchant ships as muscle labor. On these trips, he would learn a variety of tricks and tools that would serve him well, and occasionally would watch or be asked to participate in a lesson of how to fight.

Between trips would see and visit a girl in town, Aysha, and eventually married her. The two would produce one child, a boy named Ariyx.