Rocky groaned, "He doesn't even have his account set up. I even checked his friend list. Basilisk has no friends. How'd he even get t'top player?" He scanned the internet on his laptop for any info on Basilisk. "He's like a ghost."
Toby sat next to Rocky studying the screen. He had come over to his house to play a regular console game but in time when they got bored they decided to look up some info on Basilisk. This guy has no background, no stated weaknesses. All of the players who had went against Basilisk in the past have all lost. Some have even gone to the hospital, but those were sited as accidents.
Basilisk had become the top player in the past 7 months. This game has only been out for two years. Top player at seventeen within two years is legendary. Basilisk was the first prodigy. Toby and Stone are reaching closer and closer to top player. If they aren't careful Basilisk will see it as a threat and sh*t will go down.
The boys searched for any videos or stories of people finding Basilisks weaknesses but had no such luck. They ended up just watching cat videos for the rest of the night.

The next day they went to the arena. A giant lit up sign confirmed that they were at Pacific Battlefront. From a distance the building looked like a military base with a giant gated off back yard where the tops of the buildings can just barely be seen. About 100 feet away was the parking lot where Toby drove in. They both got out the car Rocky ranting about Basilisk, "He probably isn't even seventeen. Did you hear his voice? He sounds like a 30 year old black guy." Toby nodded in agreement
"Maybe he's just here to creep on all the women."
"I wouldn't put it past'm" Rocky and Toby