XXXXXX S T U D E N T xxx。。。xxxBrotherhood
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                      XXXXXremember my name
                      XXXXXXXXJohnathan Xakery Grant
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                      XXXXXXXXXXE V E R Y T H I N Gx V I T A L

                      XXXXXnicknames --- John, Johnny, X, Xack (Zack)
                      XXXXXalias --- Johnny X.
                      XXXXXcurrent age --- Nineteen
                      XXXXXbirthday --- February First.
                      XXXXXgender --- Male
                      XXXXXsexuality --- All about the Broads
                      XXXXXappraisals --- Six Foot One Inch, weighing in at One hundred and Eighty pounds
                      XXXXXallegiance --- Brotherhood
                      XXXXXschool activities --- Extracurricular activities are for the birds, Though I'll kill some time in Auto Shop if they'd let me.
                      XXXXXspecies --- Mutant.
                      XXXXXclass --- Class Four - Alpha.
                      XXXXXpowers ---

                      Telekinesis - Johnny has the ability to move, lift, throw, hold and control objects using his mind. Intense focus upon an object allows Johhny to manipulate it more skillfully.

                      Telekinetic Blasts - User can release blasts of telekinetic energy to destroy anything in their path, they can learn to control the shape and range of this ability with practice.

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                      XXXXXXXXXXU N D E Rx M Yx S K I N

                      Rebellious, hard headed, and Selfish, Johnny has grown up living only for himself. Growing up, his parents always told him he had to learn things the Hard way, as such, he prefers the challenge of going at every task the wrong way rather than taking the easy way out. He would rather muscle through or even take the prosecution of going is own way instead of following. A born leader, Johnny's independent and counter-culture mentality tend to attract the loyalty of other Brotherhood mutants easily.
                      He only has a soft spot for his baby sister, and a loyalty for his fellow mutants who side with him. Authority as a whole is something that he cannot stand and makes a point to disrespect.

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                      XXXXXXXXXXT E L Lx M Ex S O M E T H I N Gx Ix D O N ' Tx K N O W

                      Johnny was never a good boy. From a young age, he always played the bully at school, always first to throw a punch, first to start an argument. An instigator, angry without cause, discipline never truly worked on Johnny as he found that doing things his own way was much more fun than following the rules. At thirteen he discovered his powers for the first time. He knew what he was the moment they surfaced, he knew what he could do. This knowlege only inflated his ego further, beleiving himself to be better than those who hoped to control him, the authority who wanted to keep him down. He made it his personal mission to piss off any authortative figure he could. At Fifteen, he turned his mission on his own parents, the strain it put on them caused such discontent with Johnny that his father actually threatened to throw him out if he didn't "clean up his act." Johnny's response? Well he was gone before morning. Truth was, running away had never even crossed his mind before, if it had, he would have done it long before things came to a head with his family. His father held nothing but discontent for his mutant son, while his mother never could fully turn her back on him. His younger brothers didnt matter to him at that point, the only one who remained innocent to the whole ordeal was his kid sister, Alice. Still young, he actually wanted to see her live happily. The first selfless action Johnny ever committed was saying goodbye to his sister.
                      Johnny made it on his own for several months, dropping by the house on occasion to snatch up food or money only to vanish by morning all over again. On occasions the police might be looking for him, he would lay low at home, crashing on the couch on occasion but run off without a word as soon as things had blown over.
                      It was during one of these "visits" that Johnny discovered his sisters ability. He'd never been more proud, to be honest. He knew the girl's gift would bring the two of them closer, but deep down he dreaded that fact. He never wanted to drag his sister down to his level, he wanted her to go on the right path, leave the hard way to him. It was about this point in time that Magneto contacted him. The old man made it a point to tell Johnny that he didn't like to associate with his types, unruly, chaotic loose cannons, but his powers could not go without notice, not to mention his natural talents. Johnny accepted Magnetos invitation gladly, joining the ranks of the Brotherhood and now found his conduct had a purpose. Humans were trying to keep mutants down, or convert them with some bullsh*t cure. That couldn't be allowed. Johnny took to the road with a small team of mutants similar to him, he called the group the "Hard Way" and made it his mission to get in the way every chance he could, but with a purpose. Mutant cure clinics, political events, conventions against mutants, He and his boys would roll in and terrorize every human soul in sight. People were too afraid to step out against mutants, they were beginning to see the power Mutants were born with, did they really want to stand against them?
                      It came to pass that Alice ended up in the brotherhood as well, only a few short years after her powers surfaced. Johnny blamed himself to a point, despite how happy he was to know she was close he avoided contacting her. As soon as he'd found out Magneto's infiltration operation, he contemplated asking to join for several days. He was gaining a lot of public attention and if his face was too recognizable, he knew it would be too late, but was he ready to face Alice?
                      Late one night, Johnny approached Magneto and asked to be part of the operation. The senior mutant contemplated the situation for a long while, but finally agreed, despite his better instincts. If nothing else, perhaps the school could teach the Unruly mutant a little self control.

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                      XXXXXXXXXXE V E R Y O N Ex H A Sx S E C R E T S

                      XXXXX --- Pissing people off, nothing better than seeing someone seething with anger and knowing they cant do a thing about it.
                      XXXXX --- My baby sister, touch her and I'll have your ass.
                      XXXXX --- Rock-n-Roll Music.

                      XXXXX --- Being told what he can and cant do. Nobody is the boss of me!
                      XXXXX --- Being overpowered. Sure, its all fun and games until Johnny gets hurt.
                      XXXXX --- Having his sister taken advantage of. I'll be damned if any of you even get close to breaking her in.

                      XXXXX --- Death. there's nothing fun about the game being over.
                      XXXXX --- Hurting or dissapointing his sister.
                      XXXXX --- Someone he cant piss off. Its the crazy ones you've gotta look out for.

                      XXXXX Quote goes here.

                      XXXXX"Ace of Spades", Motorhead
                      XXXXX"Unbound (The Wild Ride)", Avenged Sevenfold
                      XXXXX"Still Counting", Volbeat

                      XXXXX⌠extraneous information⌡ --- Anything else you want to share?

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