Super Soldier Basilisk Info:
Golden Player
User: Basilisk
Age: 17
Birthday: 2/3/85
Orientation: N/A
Profile: N/A
Date Joined: 1/4/2102
Description: N/A
Gender: Male

"Dammit. Alright, just you go on and I'll meet you at the top of the tower in 10 minutes." Rocky made his way back to the gates and Toby bolted to the fourth building.
He climbed his way up the steps panting by the time he got onto the top floor and saw two neat small piles of rocket launchers. Three in each pile. Toby marveled in the find, rocket launchers were a blessing in this game. He walked over picking one up and began to load it.
He aimed down into the clearing. The Rahu that did escape from Basilisk and safely make it to the ground were also already being slaughtered by the other players. Toby looked around through his zoomed screen trying to find a group of Rahu together. No such luck. He fired a rocket down to what he thought he saw was a Rahu winning a fight against a soldier. In the last second the soldier jumped towards the Rahu getting in the way of the rocket. Boom. The guy was blasted quite a few feet away. Two Fatalities.
"sh*t.." Toby looked around but the Rahu were already very outnumbered. He looked up at the second building again and still saw Basilisk just taking in all the point for himself. "Hmm.." Toby aimed up at the building. If only Basilisk wasn't there he'd have a perfect shot to where the Rahu were coming from. Toby took the chance. He fired another rocket. It whistled through the air aiming right at Basilisks back who quickly turned around. Basilisk jumped to the side and barrel rolled to the corner of the roof. He ducked down behind the low wall of the roof and waited for it to blow over. The rocket slammed into the Rahu ship and exploded. Multiple Rahu were launched off the roof. Toby laughed to himself in his victory. Basilisk was almost launched off the roof himself if he hadn't stabbed his sword into the roof to hold him there.
Basilisk stood up and zoomed in on the second floor building roof. He identified Toby and simply stared in his direction. Toby sat up no longer aiming as he realized Basilisk had stood up. A few moment went by until Toby gulped starting to feel a bit uneasy. Perhaps Basilisk wasn't too happy with what just happened and is now planning a way to kill him.
Just as Basilisk started to walk away and down the second building's stairs, all the left over Rahu avoiding him for their lives, Rocky made his way to the roof of the fourth tower.
"Yo Tobias, what just happened?" He sat next to Toby.
"I just shot at Basilisk." Toby said matter of factly.
"Well sh*t man. You know he goin t'be after you now." Rocky looked up and saw that no one was on the second building . "Probably even right now."
"Yep. We better get our rocket launchers ready then" Toby grinned.
"Hell yeah" Rocky grabbed a rocket launcher. The boys sat with their backs against the wall waiting for Basilisk to appear from the stair well.
Almost 15 minutes pass and they are still sitting there waiting.
"The hell is takin'm so long?" Rocky sighed putting his head against the roofs wall.
"Should be here any second now." Toby nodded starting to get impatient himself. Suddenly Rocky gasped as a sword stabbed into his chest coming from right behind him. Basilisk had climbed up the side of the building.
"H-how the hell did you-?!" before Rocky could finish his question Basilisk lifted his sword flinging it back sending Rocky over the edge of the building and plummeting to his death. Basilisk hopped over the roofs wall as Toby backed away for some distance.
"How the hell can a holographic sword Do that?" Toby readied his rocket launcher. He knew he needed more distance if he didn't want this to backfire.
Basilisk chuckled in a low gruff voice. "You must be new. You wouldn't believe the possibilities that this technology can do." Basilisk lunged at Toby with the sword lashing at him. Toby blocked the sword with the rocket launcher then pushed Basilisk back, which was easier than he thought it would be. Basilisk quickly regained balance squatted down and pounced at Toby's legs tackling him to the floor. Basilisk sat on top of him locking Toby's arms to his sides while lifting up the sword. Toby immediately shimmied his hands free then punching the sword away as it came down knocking it to the side sending it into the floor then winding fist back up and popped Basilisk one in the face sending him back.
Meanwhile, 7 stories below, Rocky lands onto the ground with an echoing smash. He coughed and slowly started to get up. "Fuuuck.." he spluttered. Once he stood up he took off his helmet. A few other players were staring at him in sudden surprise.
"sh*t man, you alright? You just fell like 7 stories!" a random player exclaimed. Rocky cleared his throat.
"Yeah yeah. I'm fine. I was just.. savin time. I got here in like 5 seconds rather than walking down all those stairs.." he grumbled out then left. Rocky walked back to the gate multiple people following him back to the gate all of them asking what happened. Whats going on up there? How did his suit health fall to zero?
Rocky then came up with a plan. He simply told everyone the truth.
"Oh f*ck Basilisk is up there?"
"I didn't even know Basilisk was still playing!"
"Stone. Dude. We got your back. Lets go kick his ass."
"Oh my gosh! We need to help Tobias!"
Everyone around him, approximately 15 players, joined him at his side and they all set out to the fourth building.

Basilisk held Tobias in a choke hold. He wasn't actually choking but he couldn't get free. "Let me go you psychotic asshole!"
"Hey, you're the one who punched me in the face." Basilisk tightened his grip.
"That doesn't make up for the fact you stabbed and threw Stone off the f*cking building." Toby gripped onto the plated arm around his neck.
"Dude, you're buddy is fine. Chill the f*ck out." Basilisk sighed. Toby, frustrated, doubled over forward bringing Basilisk over his shoulder and slamming him on his back. Toby quickly held Basilisk down by his elbows and kneed him in the head.
Basilisk contorted his body bringing his legs up arching his back then wrapping his legs around Toby's neck and then sending him flying forward helmet first into the ground eventually making him follow through a front flip until hes on his back.
Basilisk started to get up by just sitting up. "You alright there? I didn't mean to get too rough with yah", He let out a deep chuckle. "But you gave me no choice, you weren't chilling ou-" Toby chucked one of the rocket launchers at Basilisks face.
As expected he caught it, Toby immediately launched himself at Basilisk. Just as Basilisk caught the rocket launcher he knew it was a diversion and threw it back up into the air. Toby slammed into Basilisk grabbing onto his forearms and pinning him to the ground. Basilisk froze just as the mob of players finally made it to the roof. They came in running and yelling then halted seeing Toby on top of Basilisk.
In the sudden silence the sound of a picture phone could be heard taking a snap shot of this view. Suddenly Rocky came running in.
"Haha Yes, you got'm. Now let's kick his ass!" Rocky aimed his assault rifle at Basilisks head. Basilisk took this moment as his chance to escape since Toby was still looking at the crowd and broke his focus. Basilisk quickly turned his body loosening Toby's grip on his arms then punched Toby in the face.
Basilisk easily shook Toby off and ran toward the side of the roof picking up his sword. He jumped over the low wall and fell.
The other players looked over the edge to see that Basilisk stabbed the wall with his sword and slide down with ease until he landed on the ground and continued to run.
"That's right run, yah chicken sh*t!" Rocky called out. Basilisk turned around and flipped off Rocky. "Haha. He's a coward and he knows it."
All of the other players looked at Rocky.
"Oh my gosh he's totally after you now."
"Dude. I'm sorry. I'll be at your funeral though."
The players all grieved for Stone's future, giving him a smack in the pride.
"Hey, we can handle him. Basilisk is just a pussy anyway." Toby chimed in nodding at Rocky. Rocky nodded. This was only the beginning.