To be the "hero", you must acknowledge that your enemies are seen as the "hero", and thus to be the "hero", you must kill the "heroes". However, you are inevitably only cannon fodder for people in which you will never be good enough for them, and since they want to be "protected", they don't need to be protected.

"Satanism" or "Christianity" in this context is that of the "heroes". You do not win, nor will your services be required. They do not want your protection; they will spit on you once you're done, and once you're done, they'll only praise you for what they want you to be, not for who you are.

That said, -not- killing people does not make you a "hero", -not- killing goats and offering them up to Hoobajooboo does not make you a "hero". You may not 'want' to die, but since it is inevitable, you 'need' to die. What is a 'need' by definition is something necessary for survival, but since your survival is not 'needed' by me, your survival is not a 'need', but a 'want'.

Enjoy your 'morality'. Satanists have nothing to prove to anyone, nor do they have the necessities to 'justify' their actions to anyone.

The Grand Order is what you cannot refuse to follow, regardless of whatever religious tumor is present.