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My parents named me: Kokanezawa Mura
But I respond to: Anko; LA Mura, Professor (If you're looking to try and flatter me, anyway)
I was born in: Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan
I'm still this young: Fifteen
I appear to be: Fifteen
I was born on this day: October Twenty-ninth
Beauty at it's finest: Ninety-six pounds, Four foot nine.
My eyes reflect: Dark Green
You may say my skin is: Pale Gold
I live in: #498
I work at: Currently Unemployed. Apparently no one wants to hire a little girl smarter than they are.
I am affiliated with: Unaffiliated
I waste my time on: Building computers, crocheting, and reading interesting light novella.
I am: Heterosexual
On the surface: Mura is a dandere, preferring to keep her nose in a book of some kind than raise her voice. When questioned about defining herself as a commonplace object or food, she chose the latter, and specifically referred to herself as a bulb of garlic. When further questioned, her choice was revealed as herself being multi-faceted, yet any one "face" could be pulled off and used effectively as a standalone. The model image of a child raised by overbearing and demanding parents, Mura's true face only comes about when she knows she is in control. Incredibly arrogant and conceited, while seemingly possessing her one weakness of a child-like appearance, and very self-conscious about it.
But deep down:
Mura Kokanezawa was born to parents that had already had a child earlier and disowned him due to "questionable academic capabilities". Less than a day after her birth and already the doctor expressed his worries that the child already had a if it knew exactly what it wanted out of life...not something traditionally seen. Mura's only living sibling, the eldest son, works in the retail environment, and enjoys his sister's he is a lolicon. His fetishes do not extend to incest though, and cold, hard eyes drive him from his mindset whenever he doesn't "behave". Mura uses him as a minion, and was instrumental in her successful coup. At the tender age of ten, her parents had pushed her through most high school and even some early university level courses. What they hadn't realized was the transformation that their little prodigy underwent. From an obedient girl to backstabbing, controlling monster, Mura made certain that her parents would not see her eleventh birthday. Physically see, anyway. Throughout the school year, she was expected to shuttle herself everywhere, and made detours...specifically to their banks. Using stolen information, the girl wrote herself onto the accounts, seized control over their stocks and assets...all under the pretense that her parents were guiding her and developing her to enter the business world. This was believable due to the fact that she was not in direct control over any actual assets, but she would receive statements and e-mails regarding changes...just like her parents did.

The actual coup took place while Mura would be away at school, older brother Isoruko let himself in and beat his mother before dragging her to the basement. Several hours would pass before her father arrived home after a leisurely day at the office, no doubt. While her father had worked very hard to provide and gotten himself far by his hand, "daddy's girl" meant to take full advantage of his labors. Isoruko would remain hidden, but "on call". Once their father would find the trail he was instructed to leave behind, Mura obediently shadowed him, keeping close. Once the basement door would be opened, Isoruko knew that that was the signal, and leapt out, attacking his father and beginning to grapple with him. It was well known that their eldest was disowned and that she was instead favored. What she offered him was a shot at revenge, claiming to be just another tool in their parents' scheme. Her brother jumped at the chance, especially when told that there would be no repercussions to such an action. Both siblings were beyond "tired" of their obsessive parents and the "need for a perfect child". After ordering Mura back, her father continued wrestling until he lost sight of his daughter. Withdrawing her personal defense armament, a handheld taser. After approaching from the side, she mercilessly fired it into an open area at his back and let it do the dirty work, pulling the trigger once her brother had let go. Much as she had desired to let him "cook" until he might smell of the same bacon he was fond of consuming, Mura's taser would not hold that kind of length of use. It did its job though, and after a short time, the siblings had him join his wife downstairs.

She kept her hands clean, both in actuality and metaphorically. Her parents would be kept least until she turned eighteen and could legally claim all assets. As for her brother, she told him in advance that he would not be able to inherit anything, having been disowned proper. He was indifferent to the matter, and wanted to live a laid-back life like he'd wanted their house. That had been the plan. He would play caretaker while his sister managed the facade. To complete it, a story was woven. The Kokanezawas would go on a surprise vacation, sending their "only child" to "border school", for the duration of her high school time. Mura specifically picked out the "Iron Fist Academy", primarily as a means to "slow her down" and challenge her. This would mimic her parents' usual behavior in trying to drive her further and make her "their perfect child", while writing their absence off under the vacation. The house would be visited occasionally by their biological son, such that, while unsatisfactory, was reliable enough to sort and keep up appearances. This bit was true, and Mura promised him financial compensation for putting up with it until she could take control fully. Effectively already in control, their little prodigy had much bigger plans, such as seizing her father's job as a start. She toyed around with the notion of removing Isoruko after she was old enough, though he remains "in the will" for obediently taking care of things "at home" while she needed to be away.

Originally, Mura's powers were not really visible or apparent. Due largely to their nature, of course. Mura is an immortal with a problem. Her problem is that, while effectively immortal and remaining frozen in the image at which she obtained it, is that she regularly suffers from fatal accidents. After reading through a mysterious book that arrived in the mail by an anonymous sender addressing it to her, lightning struck her house, killing her where she stood. Her parents lamented that once again, their "only" child was taken from them, though the next day, she sat up in the morgue and began walking about. Her powers are "as you see it". Aside from her obvious inability to die permanently, Mura hears the voices of the dead and damned, and possesses "weird blood".

This blood, if ingested by most beings, sends them on perhaps the most intense acid trip, mixing those effects with inhibition removing alcohol like behaviors. It's a very powerful "out of mind" experience that removes all inhibitions...and sentience for most people. It brings out the extreme within, generally speaking. Also, as one would expect, consumers of "sanguis immortalis" will always end up completely unarmed and naked once they come to.

Consequences thereof involve any bodily injuries sustained over the course of about a day's time worth, massive hangover, rolling migraines, and a temporary total lack of any depth perception. The best treatment is, thus far, to be hospitalized and restabilize there. The blood essentially tries converting its new "host", and the body recognizes it as a hostile. While the effects of a "power trip" of "being immortal" do indeed go straight to the brain, the body continues to fight against the ingested blood, and will always succeed in destroying it, though it usually does take about a day to fully overcome this. No antibody is generated, so repeat exposures are possible, assuming the individual wants to go through all that again.

Additionally, Mura is capable of poisoning someone intentionally with her blood, though her only real medium is through red wines or other similar dark beverages. As a minor, this is also a tip off that she is trying to potentially have you killed or remove you from society. Any supernatural beings are particularly susceptible for dangerous risks, due to their actual nature and the subsequent lack of any inhibition. For example, werewolves transforming and running amok in public, et cetera. Vampires are the only known supernatural beings to be immune to this, as they are already immortal and drink blood as sustenance.

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