I am so damn happy! I got a computer! And it's all MINE!!!!!!!!!

I've never had a computer of just my own. I either shared a computer or used hand me downs. Now I have a brand spanky new Toshiba and it's gorgeous! I loves it!

Things are going pretty well. I was a little down last week because I thought I'd pissed a couple of friends off. I didn't know how, but I was certain I had. Turns out they were just really busy. xd I'm such a paranoid freak. I always think everyone hates me or I'm pissing people off or whatnot. I think I need to work on getting over this.

My social anxiety certainly takes an odd form.

I have gotten over worse, though. I can get over this, too. It'll just take time.

Baby steps, Erin. Baby steps. One day at a time.