Super Soldier Tobias Info:
User: Tobias
Age: 18
Birthday: 8/14/84
Orientation: N/A
Profile: N/A
Date Joined: 5/12/2102
Description: You can call me Tobias. I'm usually running around in the range causing havoc. If you want to talk just send me a message.
Gender: Male

Super Soldier Stone Info:
Golden Player
User: Stone
Age: 19
Birthday: 2/7/83
Orientation: Ladies
Profile: (Click here!) Locked
Date Joined: 7/19/2101
Description: I'm straight off a jerk but once you know me I'm not that bad. Just don't cross me and we'll get along just fine.
Gender: Male

"Hey, did ya finish filling out your info?" Rocky looked over to Toby. They hid in a deserted building helmets off for now as they took a break.
"Yeah pretty much." Toby kept his eye open looking around.
"Helmet command, log in." Stone said clearly to his helmet. He put his helmet back on and the screen of his vision suddenly popped up an internet browser and immediately logged him into his account with the game. This is something the players need to make for themselves if they have a computer handy. You can befriend other people and message them at home and then go and meet and actually fight with them the next day.
Stone checked his messages, he couldn't reply to them at that moment due to the fact he has no keyboard handy, and then he went to go check out Tobias's info.
"You still never finished your profile, it's been over a month now. Dude if you don't put up your orientation people are goin to think you're a closet gay." Rocky laughed.
"Oh I didn't fill that out yet? It doesn't really matter anyway." Toby shrugged putting his helmet back on. They both got ready to go back into battle and walked toward the exit.
"Wait, are you?"
"Hm?" Toby looked at Rocky, "Oh come on man, I already told you. About that one time, with Shery."
"Ah that's right. The day you didn't lose you virginity" Rocky laughed.
"Hey you know I was really damn close." Toby chuckled.
"Alright alright, let's go kill some bitches"
The boys ran out into the clearing as the troops of aliens closed in. Random road blocks were scattered around the clearing used for a small blocked for cover from the enemy. Other soldiers were running around charging at the enemy. This was a fruitless tactic, they were usually defeated immediately. When someone is defeated, their helmet shuts off the alien attack and tells the player to go back to the gate. When they do, they have to wait 5 minutes to be able to go back in. A players life bar has it's limits so a good strategy to fight is always necessary.
Toby had his back to one of the road blocks with his gun at the ready. He could hear from his helmet one of the aliens are right behind him. Toby held his breath staying as still as possible. The alien, as predicted jumped up onto the road block and began sniffing at the air. Its foot claws dug into the concrete to keep its balance. The soft lilac hued scales shined in the blazing sunlight. These scales gave them extra protection giving them higher shield making it take certainly more than one shot to kill one of these.
The aliens were actually called Rahu. They can grow up to 7 feet in height and some say the resemble a dinosaur. They have purple scales, the females more lighter purple and the males more darker and a bit blue, that serve as a defense mechanism. They have two noses, one for regular smelling the other for smelling emotion. These aliens are evolved in a way that they can "smell" "auras". If someone is sad, they can tell. If someone is angry, they won't be able to hide it. They can also smell fear. No one can ever lie to these creatures, they will know how you feel.
This female Rahu scanned the area ahead with her owl like eyes as she carefully cented the air. Her primary nose lifted opening a small slit; this was the secondary nose. She sensed a bit of agitation just below her feet. With her sharp nailed digits she held tightly onto her gun. In Pacific Battlefront the aliens were given a colorful laser gun just to stick with stereotypes. In reality they had weaponry very similar to our own. Also in the game the Rahu were given their own suits but it only covered their torso and most of their face. Their arms legs and tail were wide open.
Just as she looked down Toby sent a round of bullets into both her noses. This was the aliens weak spot. If you could catch one of these with their second nose open then they are an instant goner. Toby scooted out of the way as the Rahu fell onto the ground. Within 10 seconds its carcass evaporated.
Toby sat up and turned around aiming his gun out towards the coming Rahu troop. Leg shot. Headshot. Ooh Ouch, crotch shot. (It may be a different species but evolution seemed to think that the crotch was still the best place for the reproductive system)
Rocky was just one road block ahead. He was going for another record. Trying to see how many he can shoot right in the eye. "Ahaha, Yes. 42..43" as he continued.
A few of the other players were rooting him on.
That wave of aliens slowly died down. The players had 2 minutes to prepare for the next one. Toby hopped over the road block and ran over to Rocky and his groupies.
" Hey man, Look its Tobias." one of the players pointed at Toby.
"Aw sick firing man, I saw those headshots."
"Oh, uh. Thanks." Toby nodded to the random player. Rocky turned whispering to Toby.
"Ha. These guys are so easy t'impress." Rocky looked back to make sure the others weren't listening then looked back at Toby. "Ay, when the next troop comes in let's bolt it to the fourth buildin. The admins put rocket launchers on the roof today."
Being a gold player gives you special privileges to see secrets that the administrators put in the game. Today's special is rocket launchers. The only way someone can become a gold player is if they were ever in the top 10 on the score board. Rocky is within the top 5.
Toby nodded at Rocky's plan. Toby had only been playing for about a month and a half and he's in the top 200. Many people are starting to notice him more and more. He's best friends with Stone and is pretty much the next prodigy in the game. Toby isn't really one for enjoying the limelight he just enjoys playing the game.

Their two minutes were up as another alien helicopter flew in this time landing on top of the second building. Toby and Rocky ran towards the 4th building when suddenly aliens started raining down from the sky. A giant male Rahu landed right on top of Rocky with a loud thud.
The helmet and suit have the power to create a totally fake reality. So if you get punched in the face by an alien, your helmet and suit act like it just got punched in the face and throw you back. Rocky groans from under the beast as his health falls to zero. Toby runs back over to Rocky.
"Holy s**t, are you alright?"
"God damnit! What the hell are they doin? Committing suicide?" Rocky gets up now that the aliens are gone. Toby still sees the Rahu falling from the sky one at a time. He looked up to see them just simply being thrown from the top of the second building. Toby raised an eye brow pressing a button on his helmet.
"Helmet command zoom in." His screen zooms in to the top of the second building. Right at the edge he sees a single soldier with what looks like a sword grabbing the aliens and pushing them off the building with ease. The character slashed at the Rahu then kicked them off sending them flying down. Some of the falling aliens landed on other players giving them even more points. They were just raking in the points. "Helmet command Identify player." The helmet suddenly shown the name just above the player.
The name was Basilisk. "Oh, ********."
"What?" Rocky looked up to the second building.
"It's Basilisk."