Toby picked up his helmet studying the detail. This was his first time into the range, one can't help to be at least a little nervous. He swallowed his cowardice and put the helmet on over his head. A sudden pat on the shoulder made him jump in surprise.
"Gah, don't sneak up on me."
A voice laughed behind him. "Dude you're gunna love it."
Toby nodded at his friend as he secured the helmet. They were both fully suited and ready for battle. The boys made their way to the huge metal gates where a few others were waiting.
A giant digitalized hologram of a number 5 shown on the gate. Toby stared along with the other players as it counted down 4...3.....2.... and on 1 a small alarm sounded as the gates began to part.
"Here we go. No time t' chicken out." the young man punched Toby's shoulder.
"Shut up Rocky." Toby punched him back in the shoulder. The gates fully opened with a loud clang. Everyone pulled out their firearms getting prepared for anything.
They all slowly started to creep into the dirt clearing. Sudden chaos broke loose as everyone ran every which way. Rocky quickly grabbed onto Toby's suit and pulled him away from the crowd. "This way, I know a pretty good hidin spot."
Toby followed glancing over his shoulder making sure no one was following them. Rocky ran into the nearest building structure. People usually avoided the first building due to the fact it's the first thing you notice. It's an easy target, only the noobs go in there because they don't know any better. This gives them the advantage because no one else would dare use it. They use reverse psychology to their advantage.
The building is mostly made up of stair cases and empty rooms that lead to balconies. On the 7th floor of this building there is a thin bridge that leads into the building right next door. Right before the bridge is the perfect hiding spot. It's the only part of the balcony that has walls. Many people have fallen off this building, mostly be accident.
Toby and Rocky run up the stairs and as expected, they don't run into anyone on the way up. It was a totally deserted building, until the 7th floor. Apparently someone already had the plan of waiting at the bridge.
Rocky quickly put his arm up to stop Toby from running right out to the empty room that lead outside to the bridge. Rocky put his finger to his helmet giving the signal to be quiet. Toby nodded and they both split up and stood near the open doorway out of site.
"Oi, didja hear that?" A girl's voice sounded from behind a mask. She looked back, not knowing that Toby and Rocky were hiding just out of sight. Her friend was messing around with his gun, trying to figure out how to cock it.
"Oh god dammit. How do you even-" then the gun suddenly shot making a loud sudden blast making the guy jump and shout out a small scream.
"Jeezus christ! We are trying to be quiet here!" the girl smacked the guys helmet.
"I-i'm sorry. You know I'm new at this. You know I don't like it when you curse at me like that." The couple argued as Rocky laughed.
He turned on his built in walky talky to Toby's helmet and whispered,
"Those two are a couple of rookies, follow my lead" Rocky put his gun away and stood right into the doorway.
"Hello there." Rocky said confidently. Toby put his gun away and carefully stood behind him. The girl aimed her gun at Rocky's helmet as the other guy jumped again.
"Who the hell are you?" She spat.
"Oh I'm sorry, almost forgot t' introduce myself." Rocky took off his helmet. "My user is Stone. I've come t' welcome you to the range."
The girl froze then put her gun down slowly. "Stone? The Stone?"
Rocky smiled, "The one and only." The girl threw her gun down and took off her helmet. She stood up staring at Rocky.
"W-wow I've heard stories about you about how you totally kick so much ass. But no one ever told me you were this cute." She smiled at Rocky as Toby rolled his eyes in his helmet. "Whose your friend?" She nodded towards Toby as her partner stood up from his cowering and quickly took off his helmet.
"This is my friend, Tobias. He's new here too." Toby took off his helmet and nodded in greetings towards her.
"He's a total hotty too." The girl smiled at Toby checking his armor out. Toby gave a half shy smile at her.
"Eh, heh. Thanks." Toby looked to the girls partner who is glaring him down.
This couple was too obvious to read. She dragged in her friend to play this game in hopes of making him less of a pussy. He only agreed to be dragged in here because he likes her. Sadly, he is stuck in the friend zone and saw this as an opportunity to show off his awesome non-existent skills. "Stone" and "Tobias" are already showing him up by just being there. The waves of jealousy are glowing from his eyes.
"Come on Suzy, let's get out of here." her partner said.
"God dammit, I told you. We aren't supposed to use our real names in the game." The girl groaned.
"I'm sorry, but I really think we should be going now. It was nice meeting you two. Now, goodbye." He glared at both of them then threw his helmet back on and began to walk across the bridge.
"Ay ay, slow down. Wait a second." Stone put his hand.
"What?" The guy halted. "Come on Suzy."
"I Said stop calling me that!" Suzy looked back at Rocky, "I'm sorry he's a real noob."
"It's aight. Three."
"Three?" The guy was starting to get annoyed.
"The hell is this guy counting down to?"
Rocky grinned, "One." A sudden shadow loomed over their heads and a great big bang echoed through the air and exploded right at the guys feet blasting him off of the bridge. He yelled as he plummeted down and landed with a bone crushing thud.
A robotic voice sounded from the girls helmet, "Your ally, LadyKiller23, was defeated." but she just stared at Rocky in amazement.
"How did you know that would happen right at that moment" she smiled in awe.
"Well, I've been playing this game for quite a while now." he boasted as Toby walked out and looked over the side to check on the guy. The guy, now 7 stories below, stood up wiping the dirt off his suit unharmed. "Ay, Tobias step away from there, we're still in the open. Come on." Rocky and Toby with the girl right behind them walked back into the building.
"So what the hell was that?" Toby looked at Rocky still confused at what the heck just happened.
"That was the alien ship attacking. 5 minutes in exactly they attack coming in from that side. That's how I knew they'd attack. They always go for the bridge first. Now these sh*ts are really quick once they are off their ship so be ready. " They all put their helmets back on.
The girl groaned whispering loudly in her helmet. "Okay okay. Just. Just f*cking calm down. I'll be there in a second." She sighed cocking her shotgun. "Looks like I gotta go, he's whining like a b*tch now. It was great meeting you." Then ran out to the stairs.
After that, Rocky taught Toby the best escape routes in the alien attack and told him the best places to shoot one to slow them down if one were to chase him.
"Remember, you can't trust anyone out here. Every man for himself. You'd think being attacked by aliens would cause everyone t'team up and work together. But people are always getting in fights in between themselves. So keep your wits sharp." Toby nodded and peered out a window that showed a perfect view of the clearing. It was a complete blood bath, without the blood of course. Aliens and Humans were jumping on each other and shooting everywhere.
"Yah ready?" Rocky was staring out the window. Toby nodded and they walked down the stairs.

The boys joined the fight and fought for hours. This game, as tiring as it was, was very addicting. This game has only been opened for about a year now and already hundreds of thousands have joined. This is every larp's dream. To be able to join in a battle field and fight to their hearts content without actually getting maimed or killed.
This game was called Pacific Battlefront. It's basically a mixture between a paintball range and an alien apocalypse. A man with too much money, too much time, and too much technology decided to create a game where you can be in the middle of an alien attack without the hassle of death or injury. Special suits were created to protect the players in battle no matter what happened, be it large fall, huge explosion, or being shot in the face everyone was safe. This small fake city was created in the middle of no where away from any towns or cities to avoid any complaints with noise.
The weapons they use are very real, but the gun has a super sensor that can tell if it's being aimed at an alien, person, or random object. If someone has no helmet on and some idiot aims the gun at someone the gun immediately shuts down and is not able to be fired.
As for the aliens, they are not real. The helmet projects them as they move and attack. However, their ship is real. It's simply a modified helicopter that has laser beams attached to it.
Now this game wasn't exactly made for the hell of it. In the year 2052 aliens attack the earth. For the next 20 years they topple buildings and cut down bridges. War raged on and millions lost their lives. However, we have the advantage. Their species don't have the access of nuclear weapons. Once we let off a nuke on one of their mother ships, they start to listen. With a mixture between our best scientists and theirs, we find out a way to communicate between one another. We both discover that we actually are civilized and don't want war to continue, so there is a truce. The aliens apologize and give us gifts from their home planet and we give them things in exchange. We hopefully weren't dumb enough to teach them how to make nuclear weapons, I certainly hope not.
But another 30 years pass and the aliens have left to leave us alone for now. Then someone came up with the idea of Pacific Battlefront. Some people see it as rather racist or prejudice against the aliens. Other see it as just a bit of fun.