...Today, I feel as though a weight of some sort was lifted.

The most amazing of things happened, actually.
You recall my writing about my conversation with Christina, and how she promised to at least speak to me every now and then? Well, I'm pleased to report that she has in fact made good on her word.

What's even more interesting is that, just today, she did much more than just talk to me; she asked me to hang out. Admittedly I was shocked by the very notion itself at first, but I accepted, and anxiously awaited the arrival of a woman who had once been, and still continued to be very near and dear to me.

It wasn't a whole lot, really. We drove to the mall, walked around for a bit, and then decided to go get some food. Along the way we had several conversations, although a bit awkward at first it gradually became more and more comfortable. It wasn't much different than old times, really. Just the two of us, enjoying a good time together.

It relieves me ever so much that we can just have time together and just enjoy each others' company, and not have to worry about old awkwardness. Just us, enjoying time together as friends.

For so long now I had been so weary, so tired and so anxious over everything. I had worried she had changed so much, and done so many reckless things...I couldn't be more pleased to report that I was wrong. Wrong on all counts. And frankly I do believe some apology is in order for the harsh words I've written in the past few entries.
I'm really just happy to be there for her again. It all felt so liberating, and it was wonderful to properly catch up after so long.

I certainly hope this can persist. It's ever so nice to be together again, just as friends.
Today, for the first time in a long time, everything felt normal again.