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Reapersun's Cat: Catastrophe! and Ultra Satan
Reapersun has a male cat named Fino who made the EI called Catastrophe! containing 44 poses involving him in various humorous references. The item description derives from the "I Accidentally" meme. I am not aware of a fanthread or guild dedication so there is no user record of the corresponding poses per update. It debuted with The Case of Pietro and is the second slowest Evolving Item. The CoP ended on the 16th of March in 2012, approximately 3 1/2 years while Catastrophe took about 2 years on the 17th of June in 2011. T'was beauteous.

User ImageCatastrophe!
My cat accidentally the photo shops.
Tags: catastrophe premiumei cat cats weird norman creepy man creep cosplay internet meme photoshop

Pose Description and Details:
User Image
Catastrophe! (Catastrophe!)
The tail of the little mouse toy is stepped upon by your foot as a little yellow paw reaches out from underneath.

User ImageCatastrophe! (favorite toy)
Three arm poses: relaxed left arm and right arm with toy dangling straight down, and a secret pose caused by left arm forward extension with the cat looking up from behind your left foot and wagging his tail. No cat when sitting.

User ImageCatastrophe! (shrimpshrimpshrimp)
Two arm poses: right arm away from body and left arm in front of chest. The cat stretches his neck in starry-eyed awe from behind legs. No cat when sitting.

User ImageCatastrophe! (you buy the best toys)
Partially opened rectangular cardboard box lying on its side with the words "Deluxe Cat Tree". Turning around reveals the blank side with its tail showing

User ImageCatastrophe! (present in ur shoe)
One Warm Starter Skater Guy Shoe with presumably cat poo inside as stink fumes rise towards a small heart.

User ImageCatastrophe! (my love for you is endless)
Pet fur all over your face from nuzzling.

User ImageCatastrophe! (dreaming of fishies)
Puffy thought bubble containing air bubbles and a top row of one green and one blue fish, and a bottom row of one orange and one green fish.

User ImageCatastrophe! (gravycat)
Cat lying on top of your head melting downwards like gravy.

User ImageCatastrophe! (chikin raid)
Hindquarters of cat sticking out of the bottom of a Chinese takeout box while the top is open to reveal a demonic face chewing on a chicken bone.

User ImageCatastrophe! (a cat is like two pets)
Cat stretching all over itself and around you in a frenzy with tail by left foot and head next to right hand. Curve near right hand bends out and tail is obstructed when sitting.

User ImageCatastrophe! (favorite scratching post)
Worn green couch with tuffs of cotton showing through striped fabric. Turning around shows full view. Back of the head seen near your head with paw digging into couch below, curled tail dangling out of fold to the right, face and lump appearing under paw, other paw beneath tail causing lump, and a third paw reaching out from the middle of the floor when seated.

User ImageCatastrophe! (frapcat)
Right arm away from body holding out a brown cup of frappuccino with a blue straw and the cat's face inside.

User ImageCatastrophe! (here kitty ki-)
Cat runs off showing only back half of body and leaves behind a trail of dust and speed lines.

User ImageCatastrophe! (this is my butt)
Cat lies nonchalantly on its side. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (stuff on my butt)
Cat is unamused with waffles from Celebrity Snare Snoop Dogg's Chicken n' Waffles, a Leather Dress Watch, I Can't Believe How Much Butter I'm About To Eat pose from Lusty Scoundrel, two slices of cake, pair of panties from Panty Raider, apple from Black Album is seen both sides but not when seated in front, and the ball of yarn from Blue Yarn & Needles from only behind on top of cat.

User ImageCatastrophe! (photogenic)
Left arm pose in front of chest with digital camera while cat's face is smeared. Cannot see camera when turned around but cat is still visible.

User ImageCatastrophe! (intrawebs)
Cat is using a grey laptop browsing a site. It resembles Gaia's marketplace search when turned around.

User ImageCatastrophe! (fee-elzebub)
Black cat with demonic red eyes with its back raised. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (sexy pose)
Cat is sitting while leaning on its arm giving unfocused stare and sticking its tongue out. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (i love you see my butt?)
Cat with a little heart above its head and pleased with itself as it rubs its butt on the side of your head perched on your shoulder.

User ImageCatastrophe! (the enemy spotted!)
Angry cat standing away from dirty feral cat in front of you at an angle.

User ImageCatastrophe! (how could you)
Sad cat from being drenched and dripping water in random encounter or bath. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (don't think I'll forget)
Unamused cat shedding in spite. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (chikin hat)
Unamused cat wearing a chicken hood. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (bzns man)
Unamused cat wearing a shirt collar and black tie. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (im an rpg hero)
Unamused cat wearing a green striped pointy hoodie. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (dappercat)
Unamused cat wearing red ribbon box hat and a red bowtie. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (sour cat)
Unamused cat wearing green helmet. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (why am i so delicious)
Unamused cat wearing shrimp suit. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (NO MORE COSTUME)
Furious black cat with a demonic face and open mouth bearing teeth amusing itself with fabric scraps. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (cat becomes sentient)
Enlightened cat standing up with a red exclamation point above its head. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (nip?!)
You now have big adoring eyes and a bag of catnip labeled "NIP" in relaxed right arm which disappears if pose is changed.

User ImageCatastrophe! (want shrimp)
Round speech bubble with shrimp tail icon.

User ImageCatastrophe! (kitty face)
You now have an anthropomorphic cat face with grey eyes.

User ImageCatastrophe! (happy ears)
You now have a pair of yellow cat ears on top of your head.

User ImageCatastrophe! (angreh ears)
You now have a pair of yellow cat ears pulled back on top of your head in reproach. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (kitty tail)
You now have a yellow banded cat tail in the air. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (grabby)
Enormous cat paws reach out towards you from below. Lower part becomes obstructed when seated. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (fino loves you)
You are standing on the shoulder of a real image of Fino. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (you are cat?)
You are in the shape of a cat thanks to a cookie cutter effect. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (cat becomes the warrior)
Cat is wearing an orange helmet with a round Japanese flag pin and has a large onigiri tied around its neck with seaweed behind its back. It is holding a giant shrimp tail in its paw as a weapon. From behind, the helmet looks like a cut of salmon.

User ImageCatastrophe! (cat uses facilities)
Cat is sitting on a miniature toilet reading a newspaper. Back view.

User ImageCatastrophe! (mancat)
Cat is wearing a censored naked Norman suit with its ears, paws, and tail showing. You can see the zipper from behind.

User ImageCatastrophe! (cat draws an EI)
Cat is on the grey laptop again, with a tablet pen and the icon for Catastrophe! on the screen. Back view.

Update #0: Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:07 pm
User Image
User Image

Catastrophe! is the first Gaia item designed by a cat. As such, it's likely to update according to the cat's schedule, and you know how cats are. Rumor has it that the feline author intends to explore a variety of themes and subjects of interest to cats, whatever those are.

Update #1: Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:54 pm
User Image
User Image

Excerpt from EI transcript:

Dr. Singh: That's because he rarely bathes. Anyway, let's get started. First up this week, there seems to be a new pose in the Catastrophe-- this one comes as a surprise to me, Timmy! From my initial testing, I believe this is a fairly non-traditional evolving item. It gets updated little by little over time, instead of in large evolutionary leaps, and it doesn't follow the usual system of generations!

Timmy: So no matter when I get one, I'm gonna get all the current poses?

Dr. Singh: That's right, Timmy. It's quite an odd one, but then again, we all know cats tend to follow their own rules...

Update #2: Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:47 pm
User Image
User Image

User ImageCatastrophe! is the only evolving item designed and maintained by a cat. It's been pretty slow to evolve, but you know how cats are-- they pretty much lie around all day. This week, look for some adorable new feline poses.

Update #3: Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:56 pm
User ImageUser Image

User ImageA fittingly postmodern conclusion for Catastrophe, the slow-burning EI that's been delighting and confusing us for so long: after becoming self-aware, the cat discovers Photoshop, and then how to bend reality and create a paradox.

Cleanup: Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:19 pm
User Image

Greetings, Gaian beings! We've got a bunch of great new items coming to the Cash Shop soon. To clear off some shelf space for the new merchandise, we'll be retiring the following items soon:
Anthem of Hope
Mythic Hero Bundle
Crimson Valor
Radiant Courage
Crest of the Brave Bundle
Astra XIII: Music in the Air
Astra XIV: Sakura Breeze
Astra XV: Cruising Cumulus
Animated Item Bundle 3
Summon Cherry Fluff
Summon Crystal Fluff
Summon Grass Fluff
Summon Sandtrap Fluff
zOMG! Fluff Bundle 2
Le Carousel
Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires
The Watchmaker

If you'd like to grab any of these items before they're gone, you'd better act soon. They'll be leaving the shelves on Friday, August 26th!

He is also the model for the surreal abomination of Ultra Satan. Ultra Satan was introduced the conclusion of the 2012 U.S. election event in the manga as the running mate of a mutant grunny named Friedrich. The art featured in his eye is the topright corner of the most famous painting by an Early Netherlandish master named Hieronymus Bosch, who was renowned for his strange and lively use of abstract symbolism to depict religious teachings. Hell is shown as a burning city devoid of life where human souls are tortured through elaborately gruesome means. The painting is called the The Garden Of Earthly Delights. It is highly advised to view the wiki image in full capacity in order to see all there is. He later made an appearance in the 2013 What the fluff? summer event in the second part of its manga.

User Image
User Image

His item was released in the cash shop during the 2012 Black Friday sale all weekend (November 24 & 25) for 5000GC.

User ImageUltra Satan
Tags: ultra satan pink pet plush animal cat kitten evil hell demon apocalypse
User ImageUltra Satan (Ultra Satan)
Satan sits on the ground by your feet.

User ImageUltra Satan (on my head)
Satan sits your head.

User ImageUltra Satan (in my arms)
Satan is held in front of your chest and away from the body. Ultra Satan reveals the beast within when perched in the right hand.

User ImageUltra Satan (the beast within)
Satan perches on your shoulder showing the beast within.

User ImageUltra Satan (the gaze of despair)
Ultra Satan's magnified glassy eye reflects your avatar from within.

User ImageUltra Satan (infernal poofs)
You obtain a pink wig with curly side pigtails.

User ImageUltra Satan (abyssmal eyes)
You have the eyes of Ultra Satan.

User ImageUltra Satan (I am)
You are Ultra Satan.

Ultra Satan Slippers from the 10th day of the Apocalypsmas event grants.

User ImageUltra Satan Slippers
Thank you Sata-- I mean Santa!
Tags: ultra satan slippers 12 days of gaia winter christmas xmasapocalypsmas 2012

During the 10th Anniversary item grants, you could obtain a Formula 1: Ultra Satan Cat Face on the second day as the bitten heart chocolate piece of 2011.

User ImageFormula 1: Ultra Satan Cat Face
Use this formula to craft 10th Anniversary Ultra Satan Cat Face!
Tags: catastrophe formula 1 10th anniversary ultra satan cat face

which created

User Image10th Anniversary Ultra Satan Cat Face
Commemorating 2011's Meowbook takeover~
Tags: 10th anniversary ultra satan cat face

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