In this world, there are three types of people: Someone, Something, and Nobody. The Someones are the type of people who are the leaders, the ones everyone looks up to. They stand out from the crowd. The Somethings are the type of people who are average, they are accepted but there’s nothing special about them. And lastly, the Nobodies are the type of people who are not really important… they’re just there. They’re unimportant bodies of life with no existence to acknowledge.

Who am I? What am I? I’m worse than a Nobody. I’m nothing. I’m a lame excuse of a human being. I’m invisible and serve no purpose in this world. I’m not needed… I’m useless… I’m worthless… I’m a Nightmare. So please, if you do see me… I was just simply a figment of your imagination. But even I’m not worthy enough to be part of your imagination because I might just give you nightmares. So don’t look at me or even lend a hand… Just please leave me alone in my own little world.

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