In the Beginning

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So the sad truth is I haven't been on Gaia since 2004 when it was formally known as GoGaia.net. I was a regular since high school, (which makes perfect since because I was 14 around such time) until at least ripe age of 18; that's 2008 for those who are little slow with numbers. **Don't worry I'm quite the horrid one when it comes to math as well. Anyway, no need to really drag this crap on any further. I never got around to doing these stupid journal things so I figured "what the hell?" there's always never a wrong time to start.

I'll be coming on after my work days to type random miscellaneous s**t simply for the marvelous fact that I can. Some entries will probably be random, boring, or even exciting; but we will get there when that happens. Let's just take this day by day people. Okay? **Deep breath.

K, Smooches

ps. IDGAF if you don't like my font color. Stop reading my entries if it bugs you.