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GEP's Journal This is just in case I have any thoughts that need to be given a voice. Warning: Read at your own risk. Material may be too boring to handle. Still, comments are welcome and appreciated, as always.

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My RP ideas for my character Lorelai
For anyone interested, all I ask is that you're able to post understandable sentences and don't mind posting at least six descriptive sentences at a time. Feel free to send me a PM if you're interested and let me know if you'd like to continue in the PMs or set up a thread.

I have quite a few roleplaying ideas for my character Lorelai. I usually give her the occupation of dimension hopping along with the ability to change into the forms of different animals at will, but depending on the RP I can leave out the dimension hopping or even play Lorelai as a mere human if need be. I'm up to either one on one or group roleplays, but I don't mind leaving the decision for that up to whoever I'm roleplaying with. If anyone wants to do a group RP but doesn't mind starting off with just two people in a thread, then that's fine with me. Below, I've put together a list of different roleplays with Lorelai's backstory for each one and possible scenarios that could be played out.

For the following roleplays, Lorelai will be human.

How to Train Your Dragon:

Born and raised in Scotland with Irish blood on her mother's side, Lorelai and her three brothers are on a return trip back to their homeland from visiting relatives in Ireland when their ship is caught in a storm at sea. They are blown far off course and wind up shipwrecked on the unfamiliar island of Berk. While waiting for a ship to be built to return them to their people, Lorelai and her brothers will grow to feel just as at home on Berk as back in Scotland. Lorelai will befriend a Changewing and Terrible Terror which she names Cloak and Dagger. She'll join the Dragon Training Academy while her brothers thrive on their trades.

If anyone is willing to play a canon character such as Hiccup, that would be great. I'd prefer if this was based on the movie and TV series instead of the books.

Phantom of the Opera:

Hailing from either Irealand or Scotland, Lorelai feels her homeland is too small in comparison to the rest of the world and strikes out for adventure on the open road. If the plot takes place after the Christine incident, Lorelai could end up camping in the French countryside where the Phantom has taken refuge. Perhaps he could stumble onto a cave she's using and take shelter there not knowing it's already occupied. If that doesn't sound appealing, maybe he could stop and calm Lorelai's runaway horse with Lorelai still astride it after her horse took fright and bolted. Or if the Opera House has been rebuilt and the Phantom is still there Lorelai could be hired to work backstage or as a cleaning maid. Then maybe she could attract the Phantom's attention by singing to herself or playing on her flute and fiddle when she believes she's alone. Though technically I don't get why people keep wanting to do the Opera House scenario since everyone knows where the Phantom lives at the end of the movie/musical. lol

For anyone interested in changing the plot, maybe Lorelai and Erik (a.k.a. the Phantom) could meet as children two weeks after Erik has been captured by the gypsies. After Lorelai and her brothers witness the cruelty of Erik's guardian and the "Devil's Child" performance Erik is forced to endure, Lorelai's brothers form a plan to free Erik in the middle of the night and whisk him away with them while Erik's guardian is either in a deep drunken sleep or violently ill for a few hours after one of Lorelai's brothers slipped something to upset his stomach into his drinking bottle.

For those who have read Susan Kay's Phantom, here's a "what if" scenario I was hoping to try. What if when Erik was living with the stonemason, he'd left in the middle of the night like he'd planned without the stonemason waking up to stop him? Then instead of meeting the stonemason's daughter, he travels until he happens across Lorelai's three brothers? Then maybe he could end up spending time with them and get to know them, possibly even grow close to them when Lorelai shows up after spending half a year camping in the countryside.

Peter Pan:

Six year old Lorelai and her two older brothers run away from an orphanage after her oldest brother Thomas overhears the adults planning his adoption to a rich couple. Not wanting to be separated from his siblings, the three children run away under the cover of night only to end up taking refuge at the end of an alley after narrowly escaping police with only blankets propped up by boxes with the corners anchored by trash cans to act as a makeshift house. It is here the children first encounter the boy from Nerverland who refuses to grow up.

The following roleplays depict Lorelai as a non-human character.


Lorelai is a half fox demon and has been raised by her doting grandfather who is a full fox demon. I was thinking Lorelai and Inuyasha could meet as children, or Lorelai could bump into Sesshomaru when she's roughly the same age as Inuyasha in the anime probably once before risking her life to save Rin and definitely afterwards when she's injured trying to protect the human girl. Though it might also be interesting to see how Sesshomaru would treat a half demon child, so I could also come up with a starting post for a scenario where Lorelai is all alone in the world after her grandfather is killed by demons at the same age Inuyasha was orphaned in the anime. It'll be up to whoever decides to play Sesshomaru whether or not Rin has joined the group already.


When Lorelai was only a year old, she and her brothers found themselves shipwrecked on a strange land with no memory of where they had come from and the only few clues they could find they salvaged from the wreckage of their ship. Due to Lorelai having weak lungs, only days after their arrival on the unfamiliar continent Lorelai developed a case of pneumonia. A man calling himself Orochimaru happened across the unfortunate family and offered to help their sister. Desperate and afraid of losing their only sister, the three brothers allowed the stranger to try and heal her. Orochimaru cured Lorelai and also strengthened her lungs to help prevent further sickness, but while he was at it he tampered with Lorelai's genetic makeup. Lorelai was noticeably no longer human as she now had the ears and tail of a fox along with sharp claws on her fingers. When she was four years old, she accidentally changed into a squirrel and it was a full week until Lorelai found out how to change back. Now out of fear for their only sister's safety, her brothers travel with Lorelai while making sure to never stay in one place for too long to prevent anyone trying to steal and sell their sister as an exotic freak. Occasionally they hire ninja for protection whenever they have enough money and have planned out their next destination. Lorelai and her three brothers hope that one day they can settle down permanently in a place where Lorelai could be accepted and no longer have to keep on the run.

Depending on what character you wish to play whether it's Naruto, Gaara, your own made up character, or a combination of the three, there are several scenarios we could do. If Lorelai meets Naruto and/or Gaara when they're children, she and her brothers could make a stop in Suna or Konoha; or Lorelai could be taken to a hidden sanctuary meant for the containers of the tailed beasts where they'll be trained in safety and will have the chance to live normal childhoods until the day when they're ready to fight and lead their united villages in the war against the Akatsuki.

If Lorelai meets Naruto and/or Gaara when everyone is twelve or older, again Lorelai's family could make a stop in one of their villages; or one or both village teams could be hired to act as an escort in the event of catching wind of a mixture of bandits and low level ninja being hired to kidnap Lorelai.

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