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Name: Leon Demetrius Miller
Age: 22
Height: 6'1
Weight: 162 lbs

Personality: Leon is a very disturbed young man who at the age of fourteen picked up a knife and stabbed his parents to death in their sleep. The courts ruled that he had done so due to the abuse he suffered from his parents and put him in an institution for a short while. Leon has since been out for four years and prompting his release a new serial killer has popped up that the media has named the Bloody Vandal. His MO simple, he is decorative in his displays of gore. Often he'll leave his prey hanging somewhere in public, left out like art for all to see, with not a spec of evidence left behind.

Starter: Leon savored the sight that lay out before him, a bloodied corpse strung up by its hands pinned to the walls of the ally like Jesus upon the cross. Across its body stab wounds far and wide laid precisely between vital organs as to make its victim suffer. Blood ran down the wall like a stream pooling at the base of the display where the bodies belongings lay neatly folded in the center of the crimson tide. Only mere step or two away stood its creator, the Bloody Vandal with a grin upon his lips and a bloodied carving knife in his gloved hand. He was just now placing the tool at the edge of the red lake leaving it so that the authorities might collect another treasure of his exploits of course devoid of any DNA evidence. This killer did not remain so elusive by being dumb however on this night his murder did not go unnoticed.

But What Shall You Play?: Anyone or Anything honestly, though I do have an idea in mind I'd love to hear your own. Mine is that you'll play a Med student particularly interested in the Morbid who has seen this murder before them and instead of ran been drawn in. Offering your services so you are not slain yourself you long to delve into this morbid world.