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Age: 1,450
Gender: Male
Race: Black Dragon
Abilities: Shape-shifting, Necromancy, Mighty Strength and Agility.

Background: Teneb is a Great Wyrm Black Dragon and one of the last on the main land, due to being extremely territorial creatures Teneb himself has slain a great deal of his own kin in order to secure his domain and yet in doing so made himself incredibly lonely. The Black Dragon has become somewhat of a legend, sustained by his own necromantic power Teneb does not often leave his keep and due to this many believe that the Dragon either never existed or has withered and died. Quite a few individuals wonder if he has left behind a hoard inside his domain and that curiosity has lead a few to adventure in his domain though the very area within which he resides is dangerous. Inhabited by goblin and orc tribes those that do set out to find the dragons hoard never even reach the old Keep.

Possible Plots~
A Challenger: Teneb’s control over the territory of the Goblin and Orc hoards could finally be challenged either by another Dragon interested in his domain or maybe a rising warrior woman among the clans seeking to make a name for herself by slaying the great dragon. Of course Teneb would not be slain easy he would see someone so willing to challenge him to be quite attractive, and the old dragon has not had a companion in ages. Maybe the prospect of adventuring with a young beauty would be enough to lure the dragon down from his keep and into the role of a King among tribes or an adventurer seeking not wealth but experience with a new partner.

A Treasure Hunter: Teneb’s Hoard is vast, so vast that if one person was to get ahold of it they would likely garner with it enough wealth to buy a crown, because of this many adventurers seek it. Within it as well is an amulet that Teneb unfortunately cannot destroy, one that protects its wearer from the Dragons wrath. It might be an interesting plot for an adventurer to merely meet the peak of Teneb’s fortunes, steal what she can and run off with it and the Amulet around her neck. Being immune to the dragons attacks will lead to him never killing the adventurer but being a greedy beast he might still fallow her in effort to get what was stolen returned.