Hello and Welcome to my Roleplay Journal
I am Twizted Please Enjoy

About me: My Gaia name is Twizted Desire as you can already tell but behind the avi my name is Blake, I am currently 21 going on 22 in August. I started school once more last Fall after taking a year off for personal reasons and I'm very happy to be going back.
Moving on from my future I guess I’ll tell you a bit about myself, I have been on Gaia for about 7 years and though I've taken breaks I don’t ever intend to abandon this site. I love to role-play not only through PM’s but in other situations, this stems from playing D&D or dungeons and Dragons far too much with my friends. On top of role playing, hanging out, and playing D&D, I also love Video games as well as most types of , although I know I’m not the best at them. Anyway enough about me lets get to what you came here for role-playing!

Rp style: okay first of all I will admit spelling is like the bane of my existence, but that doesn't stop me from being a good role-player. Often enough I’ll use Word document to fix my errors before I respond, secondly I role-play in the third person point of few and use “” marks for speaking no -- ** or any other crazy symbols for actions it just annoys me. As for literacy a common question that is defined in so many different ways by so many different people I try my best. I’m not going to say I’m extremely literate but I know my way around words and I know how to write a paragraph or two maybe more if you truly desire so. Blah now lets get on to what I want role-plays I enjoy and role-plays I’ll do.

~The List~

I’m simply going to put information under different categories and next to them tell you what I’d prefer to play

Movies/Books/Games/and Anime:
League of Legends (I'll play as quite a few champions)
Desert Punk (The punk himself, or made up)
Black Lagoon (Rock or made up)
Basilisk (Made Up)
Read or Die (Made up)
FLCL!!!!!! (Any) <3
High school of the dead (Any)
Repo The Genetic Opera (Prefer Made Up)
I’ll also do whatever you suggest if I know it


Pair of Adventurers
Angel x Human (any)
Demon x Human (any)
Werewolf x Human (any)
Monster x Human (any)
Monster x Monster (any)
Demon x Angel (Any)
Fantasy Creatures (Any)
Furry x Human (any)
Furry x Furry
Genie x Human (human)
Goddess/Demigod x Sacrifice (Sacrifice or Demigod)

Sci-Fi Pairings:
Experiment x Scientist (Any)
Alien x Human (Any)
Telepathy x Researcher (Any)
Runaway Super Human x Human (Any)
Pair of Experiments or Super Humans

Miscellaneous Pairings:
Asylum Patient x Asylum Patent
Asylum Patient x Doctor or Nurse (Any)
Master x Slave (Any though needs a plot)
Pair of slaves
Warden x Prisoner (Any)
Warden's Child x Prisoner (Any)
Prisoner x Guard (Any)
Runaway x friend (Any)
Stalker x Person being stalked (Any)
Family Based (Ask for specifics)
Affair (Many options)
Officer x Criminal (Any)
(And Much Much More Just Ask!)

~Random Ideas~
Multiple Band Based Ideas
Various Creature Based Ideas
Modern Fantasy Cravings
Steam Punk
League of Legends Cravings
Nun or Priest x Demon Craving

Many people have been asking me what is the one thing I enjoy over all.
Well I would have to say it's playing creatures.
Demons Nightmares Naga Werewolves.
I just adore monsters!