Yesterday, as we were going into work, we found this little friend pretending to be part of the landscaping near the office door and only discovered him/her when we opened the door and it tried to get into the office!

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Well played Krissim Klaw - I know this must be one of your legion of spies sent to see if we happen to be working on a mantis item. In all the years I've worked for Gaia, or even lived here in San Jose, I have not seen one mantis and now, all of a sudden, you repeatedly request a mantis item and we have mantises trying to get into HQ?!? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that we're onto you and your roving band of ninja mantises. Still it was a good effort, and almost succeeded. Also, you should know that I put your minion out of harms' way in some shady, dewy leaves that provide good camouflage.